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   Chapter 2877 Crossing The First Line

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The tall and beautiful woman calmed down.

Dorothy was not a child anymore. She was very clear about the dangers that she could face on the Sea of Truth.

With Dorothy's ability, she could cross the first line of the Sea of Truth with just a soul pill, even if she didn't use the Necklace of Mystic Soul.

"I'll drag her back from the Sea of Truth!" As the strapping man spoke, a soul force burst out from his eyes and formed a soul ring that then began hovering over Dorothy's head.

With his ability, this man could indeed separate the Soul of Light from the Sea of Truth.

However, to employ such a secret soul technique would be a great test for him. At the same time, even though it would save Dorothy, it would hurt her soul.

Seeing that the man was about to use the secret soul technique, the woman suddenly reached out and gently tapped the soul ring, causing it to break down and disappear.

"What are you doing?" the man snapped.

The woman shook her head disapprovingly. "Dorothy has grown up. She's not a child anymore. Crossing the Sea of Truth is just a small training for her. We should believe in her."

"But she's in danger now!" the man replied anxiously.

At this, the woman smiled softly. "She will face a lot more life and death situations in the future. You won't be able to protect her every time. Anyway, I have a feeling she will cross the first line. And if she really can't hold on, she'll leave the Sea of Truth."

The man frowned at first, but then he gradually calmed down, finding reason in her words.

Dorothy, Zen, and the others were only two hundred feet away from the first line.

There were only five Truth Boats following Zen, and Dora's was one of them.

'Crossing the Sea of Truth isn't as easy as I thought. There are nine lines in the Sea of Truth, and I'm only now crossing the first one...' Zen thought, taking a glance at the scene behind him.

As soon as he turned around, another one of the people behind him couldn't hold on anymore and his Truth Boat broke into pieces. But before he could sink, he quickly used the Illusion Breaking Rune and escaped from the Sea of Truth.

Now, there were only four boats left.

"The last one hundred feet!"

Dora couldn't bear it anymore.

In fact, she had already done a great job.

Zen had cultivated the Soul of Light for

These words triggered Zen's curiosity.

"That's right. As long as the Soul of Light enters the Sea of Truth, it will continuously grow stronger. As it becomes stronger, it will be able to go further in the Sea of Truth. Isn't this a process of cultivation?" Dora said.

"You're right. That's a good point." Zen nodded. While bearing the strong winds and the cold air in the Sea of Truth, the Soul of Light would grow stronger and stronger. "But one can only cultivate the soul in the Sea of Truth, right? How can I strengthen my cinnabar field and my physical body?"

According to No. 9527, no one in the Source World so far had been able to put their body into the Sea of Truth.

In other words, when one reached the end of the Godly Way through the Grand World Cultivation Method, their physical body's strength would not be able to increase. Similarly, Zen wanted to know how to reinforce the inner world.

"Haven't you ever met an Other Shore Realm warrior?" Dora asked.

"I have, but I know nothing about them," Zen replied honestly.

Emily, Timotheus, and Leopold were all very powerful, but Zen didn't know where their strength came from.

"Humph, when you reach the end of this sea, you will understand," Dora said.

Zen merely smiled at her in response, deciding to stop asking questions. If he really wanted to know more about the Other Shore Realm, he had a lot of ways to do it.

However, he was confident that he would eventually reach the Other Shore of the sea. Then, he would be able to find out what existed there on his own.

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