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   Chapter 2876 Holding On

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This was only a guess from Dora. She felt Zen's unwillingness to reveal his identity so she wouldn't probe any further.

Pressure soared with every inch closer to the first line.

Even Dora could feel the pressure ahead—forceful and burdensome.

Surprise became of her when she looked at Zen still standing on the boat, as though frozen solid.

Even with just a small pool of experience, it was clear Zen possessed strength enough to come here without the help of the soul pill!

As Zen rushed forward alone, the people who had been wandering around them also approached in their Truth Boats and followed closely behind Dora.

With the presence of a leader, the people who followed felt the pressure lighten on their shoulders. This was what they wanted.

Soon, the ten-odd Truth Boats lined up like a dragon, rushing towards the first line.

They were met with a shockingly powerful breeze of icy wind a thousand feet away from the first line.

It was said that the sea water across the line had caused the strong wind.

Phew! Whoosh! Each icy gust was stronger than the last, leaving a chilly sensation down everyone's spine.

The wind blew on Zen's Soul of Light so hard he felt as though it had pierced into his body like fine needles.

'To pass the Sea of Truth in the form of Soul of Light is indeed more difficult than to do it in the form of a corporeal body...'

Zen gritted his teeth, while enduring the cutting wind and the pressure.

But Zen was wrong. Crossing the Sea of Truth in the form of a corporeal body wasn't easier than to do that in the form of Soul of Light. It was more difficult for those who cultivated the Ancient God Cultivation Method to cross the Sea of Truth. Since time immemorial, many warriors had attempted to cross the first line but were met with the fate of a severed life. Countless people were burnt to ashes by the red sea.

However, Zen's corporeal body was unusually strong. His strength made it possible for him to safely break through the first line of Sea of Truth last time.

Those who followed them all took out some soul pills and swallowed them as soon as they reached a thousand feet from the first line.

In the blink of an eye, their Souls of Light were reinvigorated. Even with the whipping of the wind, their souls remained firm and unyielding.

Some people had to eat three or four pills in a row because one soul pill was not enough.

Yet others were not so fortunate. They didn't have any spare sou

g line in the distance was clearer to him than ever before.

'I'm still not going to take the soul pill!'

Dora thought, clenching her teeth. She was stubborn and determined to get past without it.

In the Source World, a maid hurriedly rushed out of the magnificent palace and shouted anxiously, "Oh, my God! Princess Dorothy... it seems that Princess Dorothy is suffering a great disaster!"

At the sound of her screams, three streams of light immediately shot towards the palace.

"Dorothy has just entered the Sea of Truth. No one within the first three lines can harm her, let alone the first line. What nonsense are you talking?" shouted a burly man who was visible in the first flash of golden light.

"Let's get inside first!" In the second golden light was the figure of a tall, beautiful woman.

The person in the last golden light said nothing and rushed directly into the palace.

When the three of them saw what was going on inside, their faces changed dramatically.

At the center of the palace sat a woman, cross-legged.

The woman was extremely beautiful and naturally gave off a stream of elegance. Her features were as perfect as if she had come from a painting. Her entire body was as flawless as a perfect piece of jade.

Just as the maid said, Dorothy didn't look good. Her body trembled, and her face looked extremely pale. She bit her lip so hard it was bleeding, and dark red blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth.

"What the hell is going on? Even though she is just breaking through the first line, she should have activated the Necklace of Mystic Soul to protect herself!" the strapping man said anxiously.

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