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   Chapter 2875 Inquiry

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Zen's Truth Boat sailed in a straight line in the Sea of Truth.

The closer he got to the first line, the stronger the wind became, and the colder the sea water was.

Moments later, he saw a small solitary boat bobbling up and down in the sea.

"You didn't leave," Zen said, smiling as he approached Dora's boat.

"Leave? Just for a few dozen soul pills?" Dora said, frowning.


Zen felt the dissatisfaction radiating off her.

He couldn't place an accurate estimate on the value of the soul pills, but they were of great importance to him now.

Dora was not angry with Zen. She had already guessed Zen's identity, albeit vaguely.

He was not from the Source World.

He knew only a little about the Sea of Truth and the Other Shore.

He hadn't even realized his own potential.

Even Dora didn't know what Zen could do.

But when the news had spread from the Oneness Sky Palace, she had seen the expression on her grandma's face.

She had never seen her grandma so surprised before.

And now that she had met Zen, she wouldn't miss this chance.

"Well, here you go!"

Saying this, she threw all the soul pills to Zen.

Zen took the pills, counted them, and said, "Sixty soul pills. As I said, I'll take half of these. Thirty are for you."

Zen knew that there was a fatal flaw in his plan. If they withdrew from the Sea of Truth, he wouldn't be able to do anything to them.

And if Dora hadn't stopped them from using the Illusion Breaking Rune, he wouldn't have obtained these soul pills.

Dora didn't refuse Zen.

Though she didn't care much for the soul pills, she was afraid he would bear a grudge if she rejected them.

Once the soul pills were divided, they continued to drive their Truth Boats forward on the Sea of Truth.

"You haven't told me your name yet," Dora asked.

Zen threw her a look but decided to be honest with her. "My name is Zen Luo," he said.

The Source World was an unknown field to him and he thought that no one ha

er find some information in the Sea of Truth, but he hadn't expected to find such bad news.

He had never met Chiyou before, but Chiyou was his grandfather, his mother's father.

"You seem unhappy," Dora said, staring at Zen and trying to figure him out.

After all, the Soul of Light was a soul and emotions were easily released through the breath of the soul.

Zen was taken aback at Dora's words and reined in his emotions almost immediately.

He didn't know which force Dora came from, nor did he know if she was an enemy or a friend. All he knew was that he shouldn't reveal his identity before he figured her out.

"I'm fine. We have reached the first line. Let's cross it!"

A line cut through the sea before them. The color of the Sea of Truth on the other side of this line turned from light blue to dark blue. Warriors crossing this line had to accept the fact that their Souls of Light would have to bear greater pressure.

Dora blinked. She was observant and was adept at judging people's moods.

She had clearly felt Zen's mood fluctuating, especially at the moment she had told him that Chiyou had been killed.

It was then that she realized that Zen hadn't intended to inquire about the Yellow Thearch. He had wanted to know about the Nine Li race.

'Is he from the Nine Li race?' Dora thought to herself.

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