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   Chapter 2874 A Stupid Way

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Stunned, Elvis was at a loss for words.

He just stood there, amazed as he could not explain why Zen was able to swim in the sea. All he knew was that Zen was an absolutely formidable powerhouse.

In his mind, he asked himself the most confusing question—why did such a strong warrior have to rob him of the soul pills? Thinking about it hard, Elvis was at his wits' end.

However, when he came back to his senses, he suddenly felt Zen's voice was familiar.

"E... Elvis, I think he's the man we met a while ago," someone from behind Elvis said as he reminded him.

"Wait, which man?" Elvis asked, dumbfounded.

"The one who didn't even know what the soul pill was. Remember the man whose boat was made from the Truth of Cultivation Nature? That's him," replied the man behind him.

It was not until this moment that Elvis was clear. Looking at Zen in the sea, he felt his heart quiver as he recognized him. Stammering, he said, "You, you are..."

But when Zen finally reached Elvis' boat, he spoke coldly, "Just as I said, don't talk nonsense. Give me all of your soul pills, and I will spare your lives! Otherwise, I'll smash your boats into smithereens!"

Just behind the group, Dora was also stunned to hear this on her Truth Boat.

Blinking, she recalled what Zen had told her.

As far as she could remember, Zen told her that he would return her soul pills and asked her to wait and follow the Truth Boats around.

As it turned out, he was the one who swam in the Sea of Truth.

"Does that mean that he has two identities in the Sea of Truth? But how is that even possible?"

At that point, Dora was excited, although she could not figure out why. She had thought that crossing the Sea of Truth was a boring journey, but she didn't expect that she would meet an interesting guy the moment she stepped into it.

'But he's so stupid. With the way he's doing it? I bet he won't be able to get the soul pills. However, I can help him if necessary, ' she suddenly thought to herself.

Meanwhile, Elvis and the rest of his group felt threatened by Zen's presence, so they kept silent for a while as they tried to figure out what to do.

To them, their soul pills were as precious and important as their lives, for they had risked everything just to obtain them. In fact, they were the guarantee for them to cross the Sea of Truth.

For a long time, they had wandered around the first section. It was actually quite worse than killing them if they were to give up the hard-to-obtain soul pills.

"Sir, we're sorry. It was our fault. How about I return s

ea, he only had the stern to grab on so tightly while his body shuddered in fear.

But as soon as the Bewitching Spell vanished, he finally managed to activate the Illusion Breaking Rune.


Suddenly, his body and his boat shook violently right before they disappeared from the Sea of Truth.

As soon as he left, his companions also hurriedly activated the Illusion Breaking Rune and followed suit.

At that point, there were only Dora and Zen left in the sea.

Staring at the blurry figure in the sea, Dora smiled and asked, "So, was that how you planned to return my soul pills?"

Nodding his head, Zen threw the soul pills in his hands onto Dora's boat. "You and me, fifty-fifty. Wait for me here!"

As soon as he finished his words, he leaned back into the Sea of Truth and disappeared.

Meanwhile, Dora picked up the soul pills one by one patiently and counted them. Then she said helplessly, "There are only sixty soul pills after all this trouble. Alas, he is really..."

Just as Elvis had said, someone like Dora didn't care about a few soul pills. In her eyes, Elvis wasn't a thief.

She didn't take hundreds or thousands of soul pills seriously, not to mention a few or dozens of them. To her, Zen's actions were very interesting. He had incomparable abilities, but he had spent so much energy just for several dozen soul pills. The more she thought about it, the more curious she got about Zen's identity and origin.

Sighing in surprise, she never knew that she would see such an interesting person.

At that moment, she followed what Zen told her to do. Right in the middle of the sea, she floated and carefully put away the soul pills while quietly waiting for Zen to return.

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