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   Chapter 2871 Soul Pills

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Since this group of people was sailing downwind, their speed was naturally incomparably fast. It was impossible for Zen and the woman to avoid them.

"We might be in trouble," the woman who was sailing behind Zen said with a faint smile.

Zen gazed at the Truth Boats and counted fifteen of them heading toward him.

Boats condensed by different Truths of Godly Ways emitted different auras.

For example, Zen's boat, which he had condensed with the Truth of Cultivation Nature, gave people a sense of peace and nature. The woman behind him, on the other hand, had used the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent to condense her boat. As her boat drifted on the sea, it gave off a sharp aura.

The auras of these fifteen boats were exactly the same, and there were some faint space fluctuations. Zen assumed that these people must be cultivating the Truth of Void Destruction.

And they all probably belonged to the same great force.

Just as Zen came to this conclusion, the fifteen boats spread out in the formation of a fan and blocked his way.

"Stop!" said a robust figure standing on the Truth Boat right at the front.

People wouldn't be able to see each other clearly in the Sea of Truth, but just from the vague figure of this person, Zen could tell that the person was very strong.


Zen's Truth Boat slowly came to a stop. "What's up?" he asked calmly.

Just as the figure was about to answer, the woman behind Zen said, "No need to ask. They probably want to extort a few soul pills from us!"

"Soul pills?" Zen echoed curiously.

It sounded like something that could strengthen the soul. However, there was a big difference between the names of pills in the Source World and the divine land, so Zen was unable to tell the effect of these pills just by their name.

"Haven't you ever heard of soul pills? How did you even step into the Sea of Truth?" the woman asked, surprised by the confusion in Zen's voice.

"Stop playing dumb! If you want to pass, each of you has to hand over three soul pills. Otherwise, you will die in the Sea of Truth today," the head of the group said coldly in an unquestionable tone.

The woman behind Zen also assumed that he was playing dumb.

In the Source World, there were some pills that were specially used for souls, and the soul pill was one of them.

If one's soul was not strong enough while they were crossing the Sea of Truth, they

that Zen was only bargaining with these people; it had never occurred to her that he would really refuse to hand over what they were asking for.

'This is not worth getting into a fight for, ' the woman thought, sighing in her heart.

With her abilities, she could tear these people into pieces using her soul weapon.

But in her eyes, they were nothing but scum. It would be a total waste to use her soul weapon to deal with them. Finally, she sighed and said, "All right, everyone. Don't make a move. I'll give you the soul pills!"

As she spoke, she waved her hand, and six rays of brown light shot forward and landed on the boat of the head of the group.

When the brown light swept past Zen, he felt a strong soul force graze him. It seemed that the soul pill was indeed a precious pill that could nourish souls.

"You should have taken them out earlier. Well, at least one of you is sensible!"

The head of the group picked up the soul pills, sneered, and then turned around and rushed away. The others also followed him with a roar of laughter.

Once they were out of sight, the woman said, "You owe me three soul pills!"

"Are they really that useful in the Sea of Truth?" Zen asked.

"Of course they are. They are still of much use even after one reaches the Other Shore. Isn't there a saying? Soul pills are the currency of the Other Shore!" Then, the woman hesitated and continued, "You seem to... You really don't know anything about soul pills?"

It was impossible for cultivators in the Source World to not know what soul pills were, so she couldn't help but feel suspicious about Zen.

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