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   Chapter 2869 Entering The Sea

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The two Holy Beings of the Moon Clan were sent out of the fairy palace by Augustus.

Mike sighed. "I hope they make the right choice."

"I won't be surprised if they choose to submit to Samuel," said Harold.

Most Holy Beings would be open to compromise in order to maintain their status and influence in the divine land.

"But it may not be the best option," Mike said with a faint smile.

Under Zen's leadership, Mike had seen many Other Shore Realm warriors outside the divine land. He now understood the great gap between these two forces and hoped that the Moon Clan would make the best choice available.

"It looks like we also have to withdraw the disciples from the Floating Island of the Gu Clan," Hallet said, rather sadly. "But I don't know where Master is now."

Back then, Mike had been imprisoned by the Dongfang Clan and not long after that, Bromley had left the Floating Island.

Mike had returned safely but Bromley had disappeared without a trace.

Mike shook his head and laughed. "He is very interested in the chaos, and exploring the chaos takes too much time. Fortunately, there are not many people in the Gu Clan. Even the fairy palace can accommodate them. Members of the Luo Clan don't need to come over at the moment."

Now that the Yellow Emperor Guards were out in the open, there was no safe place in the entire divine land. The only places that could come close to blocking them were the forbidden areas, and even that might not be able to keep them away completely.

"I will arrange for inquiries to be made about the situation on the Floating Islands," Hallet said, nodding.

The entrance to the Swirl Forest was not completely closed to the Floating Islands, which meant that they could still get some information about the Floating Islands.

Geoffrey poked his head into the living room, smiled and said, "Grandpa, you promised me you would exchange something for the Truth of Godly Way."

Mike's worries disappeared the moment he lay eyes on his grandson. He flashed Geoffrey a smile and said, "That's for sure! It looks like I still need to rely on my grandson."

Geoffrey had learned that Joy had imparted the Truth of Cultivation Nature to Mike, and had immediately come up with an idea. After all, Geoffrey had deciphered the Truth of Godly Way, and he had the right to exercise his monopoly over it. And because of this, Geoffrey had worked o

teenth day, only two words had not been recited.

But by this time, Zen had consumed too much of his soul power and fell to the ground. Even if Zen had had strong soul power, it would still have been used up.

But the moment he woke up, he continued to recite the Truth of Cultivation Nature.


On the twentieth day after he had begun to cultivate in seclusion, Zen gritted his teeth and spat out the last word of the Truth of Cultivation Nature.

Zen had finally merged his Soul of Light with the Truth of Godly Way.

The Truth of Cultivation Nature emitted from his body with a bang.

It wrapped Zen up in a blue picture. He found himself sitting on a boat floating in a sea of stars.

Everyone in the fairy palace felt the abnormal movement in the training tower.

The training tower that Bromley had built could block almost all fluctuations, but it could not block the aura of the Truth of Godly Way. Everyone's eyes were focused on the training tower.

"It looks like Zen has made a breakthrough," Augustus said, his lips curling, jealousy and disappointment lacing his voice.

Zen had cultivated the Truth of Cultivation Nature earlier than others, but he had been busy bustling about all these years, without much time to cultivate. Augustus on the other hand, had spent a lot of time comprehending the Truth of Cultivation Nature in the fairy palace, but had only mastered half of it. He found it more difficult to cultivate after he reached a higher level. He thought it might still take him a long time to reach the consummate level of the Truth of Godly Way.

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