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   Chapter 2868 The Choice Of The Moon Clan

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"What's at the end of the maze?" Zen asked curiously.

Mike shook his head and said, "I don't know. I've never been to that maze."

"Dose Mother know anything about it?" Zen tried again.

Mike smiled and explained, "The Nine Li race doesn't have a thorough understanding of the divine land, so your mother doesn't know much about it either. But Bromley believes that the key to controlling the divine land lies in that maze."

Zen raised his eyebrows at that.

The divine land was independent ever since it was set free by Chiyou. If they could reign over the divine land in place of Chiyou, then neither the union of the powerful clans nor the Other Shore Realm enemies would be a problem for them anymore.

This sure clarified some things but Zen still couldn't figure out one thing.

A world in the universe would eventually develop its own will as time passed by.

The divine land had been out of Chiyou's control for a long time now but it didn't seem to have developed its own will yet. Zen couldn't fathom the reason behind this.

Zen was deep in thought when he suddenly heard Augustus's voice coming from the outer hall, "Some Holy Beings have come into the Swirl Forest."

"Holy Beings?" Mike's face darkened at this information.

"Who are these people?" Hallet asked.

"It's Moon from the Moon Sect and Woodruff from the War God Hall," Augustus replied.

Hearing this, Mike walked out quickly and ordered, "Let them in!"

Moon and Woodruff were surprised when they saw Mike. His revival from the universe was known only to the Holy Being of the Bai Clan, while the rest knew nothing about it.

However, they soon recovered from their confusion. After all, the Dongfang Clan had lost its past glory. Now, although the Floating Island of the Dongfang Clan still remained above the Time Sea, the clan was doomed to decline. As a result, they could no longer imprison Mike.

"Long time no see, Moon and Woodruff," Mike greeted them amicably with a smile.

Moon saluted to him and said, "Congratulations! I didn't know that you've already returned. I am so glad to see you again!"

Back when the Luo Clan was in trouble, both the Sword Clan and the Moon Clan had chosen to be silent spectators instead of offering to help

feating us is no easy feat!" Woodruff said angrily.

Moon glanced at him indifferently and asked, "Do you think you're a match for those Yellow Emperor Guards?"

His words rendered Woodruff speechless.

Strength was everything in the divine land. Since Samuel was now backed by the Yellow Emperor Guards, the rest of the Holy Beings were destined to be slaughtered if they chose not to submit to him.

"Actually, we only need to wait for another three years. We'll see the results by then," Mike said suddenly.

"Three years?" Moon repeated in surprise. "Is it possible that you have figured out a way to deal with them?"

The Holy Beings of the alliance were aware of the Other Shore Realm warriors from outside the divine land, but the other large clans still didn't know of their existence.

Mike didn't get straight to the point and tell Moon everything. Instead, he said, "We do have a way of defeating them. As for what kind of method we will use, we won't be able to inform you until the intention of the Moon Clan is clear to us."

If the Moon Clan decided to join the alliance of the clans, they would also be treated as the enemy.

"Mike, don't worry. I have already made my decision. It's out of the question for me to join the alliance of the clans and to surrender to Samuel," Woodruff answered firmly.

Despite his sincerity, Mike still cupped his hands and said, "Please visit the Swirl Forest again after the Moon Clan makes a final decision. I'll give you the answer then."

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