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   Chapter 2867 The Maze

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The Moon Clan was led by the Moon Sect. Moon was the strongest among the three Holy Beings of the Moon Clan and was said to be ranked top three among all the Holy Beings. But normally, he seldom showed up in public, and the daily affairs of the Moon Clan were generally handled by Woodruff.

Compared to Woodruff, Moon kept a low profile as if he did not exist.

Samuel gave Moon an indifferent glance and didn't continue to embarrass Woodruff. He said loudly, "I'd like to discuss the reestablishment of the alliance of the powerful clans."

"The alliance of the powerful clans has been existing for a long time now, and we are aware that you are a member of the alliance. Now Holy Nicholas has died. If the Holy Beings of the alliance are willing to recognize you as their new leader, that will be a good thing. Congratulations, Samuel," said Moon in a respectful tone as he cupped his hands toward Samuel.

Samuel said with a slight smile, "In addition, I require all the powerful clans to join the alliance."

The Holy Beings outside the alliance frowned slightly when they heard this.

Samuel had mentioned it before, but they just treated it as a joke. They did not realize that Samuel would really force them to join the alliance.

However, with those powerful warriors at the Other Shore Realm backing him up, it was another story.

Moon, on the other hand, calmly answered, "The purpose of the alliance is to unite the Holy Beings. Would it be too much to force all the Holy Beings to join it?"

Samuel's gaze swept over Woodruff and Marsh, one of the Holy Beings of the Sword Clan, and then said in a cold voice, "It's surely too much for those who don't want to join the alliance. As I have said before, there will only be one alliance of the powerful clans above the Time Sea in the future. If you don't want to join, you can leave the Time Sea."

The expression on Moon's face slightly froze at his words. He tried his best to stay composed after hearing Samuel's words.

Meanwhile, the other Holy Beings also looked gloomy.

Samuel was really rude and unreasonable. After he was in power, he became even more cruel and vicious than Nicholas, which made circumstances worse.

"It's a big deal to join the alliance of the powerful clans. There are many factions in my clan. I

by this?" Zen asked intently.

At that time, what Mike said had totally confused him. He needed clarification.

Even if he became a Holy Being, his strength wouldn't change significantly. After all, their opponents were the Yellow Emperor Guards at the Other Shore Realm who were known for their strength.

"I don't know either," Mike answered with a smile.

A strange expression appeared on Zen's face when he heard his father's answer.

When Mike saw the confusion on Zen's face, he continued, "Even your mother doesn't know why your grandfather made this ship. I can only guess it. Do you still remember the maze on the True Path?"

Zen nodded quickly.

The last part of the True Path led Zen to enter an enormous maze that seemed like no one could ever get out of.

It took him four long months to leave the maze after countless desperately failed attempts. Since then, the maze was left in his mind magically.

Saul once told him that the maze was left by the Sacred race and that it was very important. It was copied by his master using his sharp memory. The real maze was many times larger than what Zen entered.

He had been in the divine land for so long but had never heard of the maze here.

Now that his father mentioned the Mountain of Holy Beings and the maze at the same time, Zen was thrilled. His eyes lit up as he asked, "Father, do you mean that the maze is in the Mountain of Holy Beings?"

Mike looked at Zen with appreciation and nodded. "Yes, it took your master a lot of effort to copy it."

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