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   Chapter 2865 Order

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Timotheus kept his eyes on Zen as he thought for a while. "I implore you, at least let the princess stay here, under our protection," he finally said.

He didn't know how to sway Mike's mind, but knew that the least he could do was to ensure the safety of the princess.

Lorena, however, had made up her mind. "I will stay with my husband no matter what," she said firmly.

Timotheus had failed. The Nine Li Guards couldn't keep Lorena here against her will, and Mike, stubborn as a mule, was impossible to convince.

However, Mike had promised that in the event that he encountered an insurmountable danger in the divine land, he would immediately send Lorena and the others away to safety.

Even after all discussion had ended and Mike had left with his family, Timotheus remained rooted to the spot, his expression sulky and obviously disappointed.

Seeing his face, Emily smiled and reached out a hand to pat him on the back, reassuring him. "Sometimes you should just relinquish control and let things run their course. And it might even be what Chiyou planned from the start, right?"

"Perhaps you are right," Timotheus said, more to himself than to Emily, nodding. "Anyway, we have to hurry and move as fast as possible."

"The speed at which the space barrier recovers is much slower than we imagined. So we should be able to break through the space barrier a year earlier than we expected. At most, we will need three years," said Emily, pursing her lips.

Timotheus did not like the sound of that. "If the Yellow Emperor Guards manage to escape from the seal, the situation on this ship will change dramatically. Three years is too much time. We need a faster solution," Timotheus said, shaking his head.

"Let's go with what we know, rather than spend even more time thinking up a new plan. And think about it, not so long ago we thought it would take at least five years! Three years is a huge improvement, isn't it?" Emily said in an optimistic tone.

As soon as Emily had finished speaking, a figure emerged from the giant vortex before them. It was a warrior of the Other Shore Realm from the Snake Goddess race.

This warrior was obviously tired, having exerted a significant amount of Faith Energy.

"Now, it is my turn!" Timotheus exclaimed, and he charged forwards, into the mouth of the vortex.

The space barrier between the divine land and the chaos could, given enough time, regenerate on its own, so they had to move quickly before the window closed again. They would have to work in shifts, one working while the other rested. Otherwise, all their previous efforts would have been in vain.

Back in the divine land, on the Lofty Tree, the last of the orbs finally split open.

A beam of purple light shot out of it, stopping as it reached the top of the Lofty Tree.

The man who had emerged from the orb was wearing a purple robe, a golden ribbon tied around his waist. His skin glimmered faintly in the daylight, and his eyes were clear and piercing.


"You are free now!"


The remaining Yellow Emperor Guards similarly congratulated their leader, one a

gs with the complete Truth of Godly Way.

However, Leyton's motives were not purely altruistic. He was aware that this was the most effective way to bribe the Holy Beings into convincing them to work for the alliance and remain loyal to it.

The Holy Beings all expressed their gratitude to Leyton, who waved his hand casually with an expression of feigned embarrassment. "Soon, we will be like a family, so you don't have to continue with all those ceremonies and formalities. But there is one other thing. Tell me, why aren't the other Holy Beings here? Surely you lot are not the only ones!" he said.

"Those other Holy Beings are not part of the alliance," Samuel explained. "It's not that easy to subdue them or order them around."

"Hm...I see..." said Leyton, scratching his chin.

A smile still lingered on Leyton's face, however. With a slight bounce, he jumped upward and stayed suspended in midair.

"Summon them to me," he directed Samuel.

Samuel understood the innate meaning of Leyton's words. "All Holy Beings, I order you to come to the Hall of Holy Beings immediately. Come now or suffer the consequences!"

"Really?" scoffed one of the Holy Beings. "I'd love to see those consequences. Bet they are terrifying!" the person continued, who turned out to be Gibson, his voice dripping with sarcasm. He had always been quick to mock Samuel in the past, and was not changing tack now.

He would soon regret his words, however. As soon as he had finished speaking, an overwhelmingly intense Truth of Godly Way spread, like an electric mist, from the Hall of Holy Beings and extended across all the Floating Islands.

The moment Gibson felt the Truth of Godly Way, the mocking smile slid off his face as if it were a block of butter on an icy ledge.

"It's the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent!" he exclaimed, gasping with surprise.

The Truth of Eternal Sword Intent possessed by the Sword Clan was an incomplete version. This Truth of Eternal Sword Intent, however, was released by a powerful warrior at the Other Shore Realm. They were on completely different levels.

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