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   Chapter 2863 Six-Pattern Blood-storing Seeds

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The Jade Toad Mountain was a blessed place full of spiritual energy, and it was also the core area of the royal family of the Nine Li race.

Houses were built in a neat arrangement on the hillside.

Back then, during the monsoon season when buckets of rain had poured down from the sky, a light film had been activated. That film of light around the Jade Toad Mountain had protected all the people and houses from even a single drop of rain.

It was during this heavy downpour that Lorena was born.

The nine tribes of the Nine Li race had celebrated her birth for three months. Obviously, Chiyou, the Grand Chieftain, had loved his youngest daughter very much.

At that time, although there were many conflicts between the Nine Li race and the Yellow Emperor race, the overall situation had been stable.

As for Lorena, she had continued to win the hearts of everyone around her as she grew up.

Leopold had not yet been exiled at that time, so he had known of Lorena's existence as well.

However, he had not been a highly-ranked member of the Nine Li race, so he had never gotten the chance to meet her in person. This was the first time that he had ever seen her.

"Get up. You don't need to be so courteous to me. I'm afraid I'm no longer the honored princess," said Lorena indifferently.

Of course, she was happy that she had at least been reunited with her husband and her children.

The situation seemed to be turning around for the better.

However, all of the members of the Nine Li race in the divine land were gone, and she didn't know the situation of the Nine Li race in the Source World. What about the Grand Chieftain? And what about those Nine Li Guards?

She didn't dare to think about these matters at all.

Timotheus, Leopold, and the others slowly stood up. "No matter the situation, you will always be our princess," Timotheus said firmly.

Staring at the Nine Li Guards, Lorena forced a smile. No matter what it was, she felt grateful to them.

The truth was, these Nine Li Guards were so powerful that they could return to the Source World at any time and get a handsome reward by joining other major forces.

However, even though the influence of the Nine Li race was declining, they were still on Lorena's side, and loyal to the Nine Li race. Such loyalty was rare.

"Princess Lorena, right before I was exiled, the Yellow Emperor race was about to have a battle with our race in Gilt Town. I wonder how that turned out," Leopold said.

He had already heard from Zen that the Nine Li race had lost the battle, but he still wanted to hear the truth directly from Lorena, even if it brought back some bad memories for her.

"The battle in Gilt Town was a twist of our race's fate. Ou

iyou's blood.

The divine land was a huge relic for these people. They cultivated from a low-rank True God to a Holy Being, slowly exploring the various secrets of the divine land. Even if they hadn't found out everything about the divine land, they had their guesses.

The origin of the divine land and the disappearance of the Sacred race were all secrets that had been left behind in the ancient times and spawned various legends.

It was not until Lorena's appearance that these secrets had come to light.

It was only then that Mike had learned about the origin of the divine land, and that there was actually a wider space outside the divine land where Other Shore Realm warriors, who were stronger than even Holy Beings, existed.

However, there was still one question that puzzled Mike: what was Chiyou's purpose of creating the divine land?

"The most important things in the divine land aren't the Soaring Snake Sword, the forbidden areas, or even the divine land itself. The most important things are the two seeds and the Infinity Ruler," Mike said indifferently.

"Seeds? Infinity Ruler?"

The Nine Li Guards were confused.

"My father gave me these two seeds and the Infinity Ruler. These seeds are Six-Pattern Blood-storing Seeds. One of them stores the bloodline of our Nine Li race, while the other stores the bloodline of the Snake Goddess race. It's said that Snake Goddess personally gave the seed to my father," Lorena explained.

Then, she looked to the other side where Emily and the others from the Snake Goddess race were sitting.

Until now, they hadn't participated in the conversation at all since it was regarding an internal matter of the Nine Li race. But after hearing that one of the Six-Pattern Blood-storing Seeds had been given by the Snake Goddess race, Emily opened her eyes.

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