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   Chapter 2862 The Princess

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Zavier arched through the sky in a large circle before dashing towards the Lofty Tree.

Hamish and Zavier had completely different characters.

Hamish had rarely revealed his true strength in the presence of others over the years.

He had even disguised himself as an old man of True God Realm, hiding anonymously in a small divine city.

Even Nicholas only knew Hamish as a powerful master of the Other Shore Realm. But then he had had no concept of the power that the Other Shore Realm masters possessed. Hamish had always maintained a low profile.

Compared to Hamish, Zavier was at the extreme end of the spectrum.


The moment he descended from the sky, he landed powerfully on the solid trunk of the Lofty Tree.

The North Star Region had already been reduced to a waste land, and the Lofty Tree had come to resemble a dead tree, though the core was still alive. Without that life-force, it would have been impossible to keep the Mixed Element Seal working.

It was no mean feat, even for a Holy Being, to break the strong main trunk.

But as Zavier stomped down on the desiccated trunk, a crack appeared and spread through the surface of the main trunk. It was as if the bole itself would break if he had exerted even a little more strength.

"What a strong aura!"

Sensing the aura emitting from Zavier, Samuel was both shocked and awed.

It was clearly the aura of the Truth of Godly Way.

The Holy Beings had always pursued the Truth of Godly Way. Even if they could only claim an abridged one, they still practiced it tirelessly.

Samuel had previously seen several different Truths of Godly Ways, but he had never before encountered such a powerful one...

"You, are excellent..." Zavier patted Samuel's shoulder and said, "You are also good. Better than that scumbag, Nicholas, at least."

Hearing the reproach of Nicholas, Hamish frowned slightly.

Hamish had been a staunch supporter of Nicholas for many years, so needless to say, he had felt close to Nicholas. Hearing Nicholas's name being tarnished by name-calling so soon after his death left Hamish feeling quite upset.

However, out of this group of Yellow Emperor Guards, Hamish was the weakest, and he held the lowest rank. It was improper for him to rebuke a superior or volunteer any comments.

Samuel smiled and said, "Holy Nicholas seemed to be the only one who had attained the consummation of Truth of Godly Way. He stood in the front rank among the Holy Being

w more times before they finally saw a huge vortex rising in the distance.

"That's the place," Zen said, narrowing his gaze.

"What a great power!" When Mike saw the huge whirlpool, his eyes flashed with interest. The power contained in the whirlpool was not within the scope of a Holy Being to create.


When the three of them used the Grand Teleportation again and stepped out the space channel, a faint voice sounded. "Last time, a reckless guy ran out and was killed. It seems that others haven't learned his lesson yet… Eh, Zen! What are you doing back here?"

The man speaking was Leopold.

Timotheus, Ramzi, and the others were slumped down or sitting cross legged, trying to replenish their exhausted strengths. When they heard Leopold's words, they dragged their tired eyes open with interest.

They quickly noticed Mike and Lorena, who were standing behind Zen.

Even though Mike was a Holy Being, he appeared no different from a consummate True God in their eyes.

But Lorena was a different matter. They instantly recognized her Blood Body at a glance. They knew without a doubt that this was not something from the divine land.

They were now confused. Who would be willing to sacrifice themselves and use the Furnace of Dark and Light in order to cultivate this precious body?

"Zen, who are these people?" Timotheus asked immediately.

"This is my father and mother," Zen said with a broad smile. "They wanted to see you."

As before, they ignored Zen's father completely. Instead, they all stared in awe at Lorena.

"Your mother? Then she must be..." Leopold was the first one to understand who she was.

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