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   Chapter 2860 Green-eyed Lorena

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 9501

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"Condense more Truth Crystals?"

No. 9527 had not given any thought to this before.

Its master was the one in charge of the truth and was free to use it however he desired.

And as for the Truth Crystal, it was a unique technique that its master had acquired after having observed the energy of the Great Unity in the chaos for a long time.

Now its master's blood had fused with that of Zen, and now flowed as one.

Zen was the one who had been selected by its master, the only one who had the honor to be chosen to inherit the blood of its master.

No. 9527 was confident in the theurgies of truth energy, such as the Falling Star Palm. It could easily teach Zen how to use them, but it had never considered what to do in case he needed to increase the number of Truth Crystals.

"Hypothetically, the purer your blood, the more Truth Crystals you should be able to condense," pondered No. 9527 aloud. This proposition, even if it were correct, was of little use to Zen. The only way he could further purify his blood was by absorbing that of the Chaos Ancient God, a feat that was presently impossible. "Luckily, there is a simpler way," said No.9527 quickly, having noticed Zen's dissatisfied expression. "We would have to obtain and learn the truth rules that lie locked inside the crystal."

Zen's eyes brightened somewhat as he heard this proposal.

"The truth rules within the crystal..."

He lightly tapped the air with his finger, thereby condensing a Truth Crystal again.

Now, he was faced with a dilemma. He knew how to use the Truth Crystal but did not know why.

He could condense it, but lacked the knowledge about the nature of the strange energy it contained.

He recalled the way Nicholas had used the Truth of Dark and Light Chaos, and noted that his method was unfamiliar to him. Frustratingly, Zen did not know the method by which the Furnace of Dark and Light could be created. Nevertheless, that did not signify that it was, necessarily, untraceable.

With enough time to cultivate the Truth of Dark and Light Chaos, he would finally become able to destroy that furnace.

It was a testament to how complicated the energy of the Truth Crystal was that despite all his gifts and talents, Zen hadn't yet been able to master it.

Additionally, as it involved the topmost secret of the chaos, it was verging on impossible to use the Truth Crystal to obtain this knowledge.

Suddenly, No. 9527 threw up its arms, its eyes widening in realization. "I remember!" it yelled, almost making Zen jump. "I know of another way! If we cultivate the Ways-blending Energy and reproduce the energy of the Great Unity, we should be able to then cultivate all the truths within the chaos. Haha..." it trailed off, as if in disbelief at itself for not having thought of this earlier.

Zen, howe

ter, and thus it would be disrespectful to joke with him. It was a privilege that Zen, as his son, seemed to have.

In fact, Mike had something important to tell Zen, so he had chosen not to go after Lorena. It was imperative that he be there when Zen arrived. "I went back to the Floating Island after I had left the universe," he said to Zen. "The Holy Being of the Bai Clan let me know that the Floating Island of the Dongfang Clan has been robbed by the Han Clan."

Zen and the others all raised their eyebrows in surprise. This was unexpected news. "I suspected that Samuel would take action, but I didn't expect him to be so quick," said Zen pensively.

"Really? Why were you suspicious of Samuel? What clue did he give that he might do something of the sort?" Mike asked, flabbergasted.

He had briefly spoken with Zen when they were in the Ray Tree. They had been in a great hurry at that time, however, so their exchange had been short and many details had remained unclarified.

Zen then recounted the details of the trip to the Abyss Demon Region to his father, not failing to mention Gregorio's miraculous reincarnation.

Mike remained quite surprised when he finally learned the truth. "Ian told me that Samuel had vowed to reestablish the alliance of powerful clans in the Hall of Holy Beings. The other Holy Beings, naturally, paid no heed to his words because of his lowly rank. To add insult to injury, he was humiliated by Woodruff. His plan had collapsed for the time being," Mike said with a frown.

"Reestablish the alliance of powerful clans..." repeated Zen thoughtfully.

Zen, Harold and Hallet all exchanged glances, wondering why Samuel had acted as he did.

Indeed, they would have to fight the Yellow Emperor Guards one day, and the alliance of the powerful clans had been originally established by them.

It was obvious what Samuel wanted.

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