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   Chapter 2859 Luck

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Deep in the Swirl Forest, a ripple flowed on the surface of a pool.


Laquisha emerged from the pool.

A pair of over one hundred-foot long tentacles closely followed Laquisha. The tentacles were covered with barbs, and each barb glinted with radiant light. Apparently, every one of them was laced with poison.

The two tentacles rushed at Laquisha at high speed. Laquisha dodged them as she continued to hover over the water, the tips of her toes constantly touching the surface of the water. She maneuvered her dodges smoothly and quickly like a dragonfly.

"Aunt Laquisha, watch out!"

Geoffrey shouted, who was standing beside the pool.

As this pair of tentacles were about to trap Laquisha, a purple light streamed right from Laquisha's eyes.


A handful of purple preternatural flames spiraled out and wrapped her in.

The fierce beast in the water seemed terrified of the preternatural flames protecting Laquisha. It didn't dare to get close.


The fierce beast let out a scream under the water. The water that was originally a pool of dark green turned into strong hue of blood red.

Then a semicircle head that resembled a pot cover popped out of the water. Beneath the "pot cover" were wedge-shaped teeth laced with poison. As its figure emerged from the surface of the water, its poisoned teeth shot at Laquisha covertly.

It was only when Laquisha noticed the poisoned teeth that her face revealed a trace of panic!

Although Laquisha was a consummate True God, she had reached such level of power because Samuel assisted her with the help of the Memory Flames. In terms of combat experience, Laquisha was far inferior to the other consummate True Gods.

The fierce beast under the water was called "Green Turbid Monster". Their number was few in the Swirl Forest but their strength was powerful. Only those at least at the consummation of True God Realm were able to fight against them.

When the poisonous teeth were about to hit Laquisha, space fluctuations appeared on the surface of her figure and she suddenly vanished. She had used the Grand Teleportation and appeared close to Geoffrey's side.


The Green Turbid Monster was irritated at Laquisha. Its huge body left the water and rushed directly to the two.


It screamed in fury which was piercing to the ears. Then, it whipped out its tentacles, lashing at everything that was close


Right after he spoke, he suddenly felt a very unique aura spread out from several dozens of miles away.

A green vortex appeared in the sky. The peculiar energy it emitted immediately drew everyone's attention.

"That's where Zen cultivates... What method is it?" Augustus stared at the green vortex, and his eyelids twitched.

When Lorena saw the green vortex, her eyes widened.

It was this very green energy that broke the Furnace of Dark and Light in the Abyss Demon Region.

Although Zen had told them about everything after he left the divine land, he had never mentioned about this power.

Since he never mentioned anything about this, Lorena didn't ask further questions. But even with her knowledge and experience, she could not tell the origin of this power.

"Zen is cultivating. We better not disturb him," said Lorena calmly.

As soon as she finished speaking, a green star rushed out of the vortex and fell into the Swirl Forest.


The ground trembled, and tremors spread miles away when the star hit the ground.

Zen stared at the huge crater in front of him and said to himself, "The power of the Falling Star Palm depends on the number of Truth Crystals. But my Truth Crystal was inherited from the Chaos Ancient God. What can I do to increase the number of Truth Crystals?"

He had defeated Nicholas in the Abyss Demon Region largely by relying on the Falling Star Palm.

Before that, he had thought that the power of the Falling Star Palm was not strong enough, so he hadn't used it. But now, it seemed that it was still necessary to strengthen this technique.

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