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   Chapter 2858 Approval

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The sudden appearance of Hamish had somewhat eased the tension on both sides, but Clark and the other Holy Beings still didn't want to let Samuel go.

After all, the Holy Beings could be reborn infinitely; even if they died during the fighting, they could be revived and engage in battle again.

"Master Hamish! You have no idea how ambitious this man is. He has robbed the Dongfang Clan's Floating Island right after he returned from the Abyss Demon Region. We can't just sit by and watch!"

"The alliance of powerful clans was established to let the clans depend on each other and have a mutually beneficial relationship. How, then, could we tolerate this man?"

"That's Gregorio, someone harboring a deep hatred against the Dongfang Clan."

As the Holy Beings discussed the matter among themselves, the situation became a little chaotic.

Hamish waved his hand at them, and everyone calmed down.

He looked down at the disciples of the Han Clan, reached out his hand, and conjured up a bright yellow ring of light.

The ring of light spread out and instantly encased Samuel, Pascal and the Holy Beings.

He didn't want irrelevant people to hear what he was about to say.

"Some of the hatred in this world should be laid to rest. In the past, Nicholas destroyed the Floating Island of the Yue Clan; now, Samuel has already taken his revenge on him. This way, the enmity between the two clans can cease. Besides, Samuel doesn't stir up trouble for the Ray Tree, so everyone can take a step back. What do you think?" Hamish smiled faintly.

Clark immediately realized that Hamish meant to resolve the dispute.

Murphy's and Jeremiah's eyes flashed. They wondered whether this Yellow Emperor Guard was going to support Samuel.

Why? Was it because Samuel was so powerful?

Samuel said nothing.

Even though Pierson had sacrificed himself for a compromise, Samuel had no plans of giving up until the entire Dongfang Clan was wiped out.

Every single member of the Dongfang Clan must be exterminated. He knew that better than anyone else.

He himself had been neglected by Nicholas in the past. After being reincarnated, he finally seized the chance to take his revenge.

However, hearing what Hamish said, Samuel thought it inappropriate for him to offer a retort and held his tongue.

Most importantly, he realized in the Hall of Holy Beings that despite having control over the absolute power, he would still have difficulty suppressing other powerful clans if no Holy Being

the whole sky?

Even after speculating in the fairy palace for a long time, Harold could not come up with a satisfactory answer.

Recently, the fairy palace was inundated by an increasing number of people, who filled the palace with noise and excitement every day.

The Godly Geniuses who returned to the fairy palace included Rocher, Lucille who had been sent back by Zen, Kurt, and Lone. It was Harold who had found and brought back Kurt and Lone.

These several Godly Geniuses had been cultivating their skills day and night in the training tower. Upon coming out of the tower, they expressed their delight in seeing Zen and Rocher.

Among the Godly Geniuses in the fairy palace, Lucille was the unluckiest. She was captured to become a puppet, and thus her training time was delayed. As a result, her cultivation base was slightly weaker than those of the rest of the Godly Geniuses.

In the past, Lone was the weakest of the ten Godly Geniuses. Then, after having stepped into the divine land, he inherited the relics of a great clan's ancestral land. Afterwards, he managed to succeed in every endeavor, all the time. Now, he had reached the peak of top-rank True God Realm and was starting to train to become a consummate True God.

As for the remaining Godly Geniuses, it would still be difficult to find them even if Harold were to look for them in person. Even with his unparalleled skill in deduction, the search for the Godly Geniuses would be as difficult as looking for a needle in a haystack.

Fortunately, Mike would revive soon. By then, if Mike would look for them, he would definitely be able to track the location of the other Godly Geniuses.

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