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   Chapter 2857 The Use Of The Ring

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In less than four hours after Clark came back to life, Zeke returned to the Fang Clan's Floating Island.

He learned about everything in quite the same way as Clark, but Zeke was a very cautious fellow. He wasn't as angry as Clark. Instead, he dug deeper to find more information about the Han Clan.

As the Holy Beings had died around the same time, the time it took for them to be revived would differ, but it wouldn't make too much of a difference.

Over the next two days, the Holy Beings were revived one after another.

The Holy Beings had gathered on the Floating Island of the Mu Clan as they were summoned by Murphy.

"What? Are you saying that Samuel is actually Gregorio?" Clark's eyes widened once more.

Murphy nodded and said, "You were already dead when it happened, so you didn't see it."

Zeke, who was next to him, added, "His spear was so powerful that it could destroy the space suppression of the forbidden area. He had an advantage in the forbidden area. We could do nothing to him..."

The only one who was able to stop Samuel at that time was Rosie's clone.

"Exactly how powerful is he?" Clark asked again, unable to fathom the recent developments.

Murphy thought about this for a while, and said, "Let me put it this way: he's a little stronger than us and slightly weaker than Nicholas."

However, the term "slightly weaker" was only applicable when Nicholas had not performed the Dark Light World Transformation. Once Nicholas sacrificed himself to perform the technique, he was so much stronger than all the other Holy Beings.

"If Samuel is only a little stronger, how did he dare to plunder the Floating Island of Dongfang Clan?" Clark sneered.

Jeremiah who was next to him chuckled as well. "It is said that Samuel even imitated Nicholas and gathered Holy Beings in the Hall of Holy Beings to form a new alliance of powerful clans. But his plan was ridiculed by some Holy Beings like Woodruff..."


The Holy Beings of the alliance of the powerful clans suddenly burst into uncontrollable laughter.

They were well aware of the Holy Beings' way of operating. Samuel had made a naive move. After all, it was very difficult to start a universe war. Murphy, who had done this once before, was certain of this fact.

"Samuel is back and Nicholas is dead, so was it him who captured the two girls in the end?" Murphy assumed.

After all, none of the Holy Beings pre

ely stable. There was almost no deviation ever.

But today, a strange phenomenon was taking place, which caused the entire divine land to fall into darkness. This event raised many speculations among the divine citizens.

Pascal lifted his right hand and slowly floated off the ground with his father.

The black energy circling Pascal's body now emitted an even more terrifying aura.

This aura suppressed Clark's flames. The bright flames became as dim as a weak candle flame. It was almost unnoticeable now.

"What kind of power is this?" Clark's face turned pale.

Murphy's eyelids twitched. Maybe his guess was right. Maybe the Abyss Demon Region really fell into Samuel's hands. In that case, Zen and Rocher might be dead. Could it be true?

The tension between the two sides was growing and a battle was about to erupt. At this time, a faint figure quietly appeared behind Samuel.

"We are in the same boat. So why do we have to fight it out? Stop it, Samuel!"

As the voice rang out, an old man appeared in the air.

"Master Hamish!"

"Look! Master Hamish is here!"

"Oh, it's Master Hamish!"

When Murphy and the rest saw Hamish, their eyes lit up.

As members of the alliance of powerful clans on the Floating Islands, these Holy Beings were, of course, well aware that Hamish was the real sponsor of the alliance.

Samuel's eyes narrowed slightly and the murderous look in his eyes disappeared. Pascal also covered the ring with his fingers, bringing all activity to a halt.

The dark skies quickly brightened again, and dazzling sunshine flooded the entire divine land once more.

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