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   Chapter 2856 Clark's Fury

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As its ruler, Mike influenced the Evolutionary Universe in almost all aspects.

In order to protect the Evolutionary Universe, he had to transform it entirely, causing a number of disasters across its span.

If Mike were to return, it would be a blessing for the hundreds of trillions of secondary creatures in the Evolutionary Universe.

"Tell the other Supreme Lords and world lords that they are not allowed to disturb my master!" Wynn commanded.

Master Feng pulled out a Roaring Token to follow Wynn's order.

"The light ball is where the master of the Evolutionary Universe is to be reborn. No one is allowed to approach it. If anyone disobeys..." Master Feng paused here, thought for a moment, and then smiled as he said, "You will have to face the consequences."

He knew that no one would dare to provoke the ruler and founder of the Evolutionary Universe.

When his voice resounded through the universe, the creatures within it began to whisper and murmur to each other, causing a loud hum. A few Supreme Lords, who knew the truth, also learned something from this news.

The colossal red light ball was continuously absorbing energy from the entire Evolutionary Universe.

No one could observe the change in the energy levels of the Evolutionary Universe, not even the Supreme Lords.

After all, Holy Beings had absolute authority over their universes.

The red light ball was an independent world.

At the center of this world, a human figure was coming into existence, quietly but surely.

This human figure was not yet a living being or even just a body. But it had abundant levels of vitality and the power of its soul was irresistible.

When the figure took a complete human shape, it would mean that Mike was finally reborn.

In the center of the Murphy Universe was also a dark red light ball.

Within this light ball was a complete human body; it belonged to Murphy, the Holy Being of the Mu Clan.

Murphy's body was complete, and his consciousness fully aroused.

It wouldn't be long before he emerged from the light ball.

Zen had killed Murphy in the Abyss Demon Region.

Murphy would never forget how Zen had controlled t

haking his head.

"Samuel returned later. He led his people to strip bare the Floating Island of the Dongfang Clan," Oscar added.

"How dare he! How dare he plunder the Dongfang Clan!"

These news were like thunderbolts raining down on him from a clear sky, making him angrier and angrier by the minute. He didn't know what had happened after he died, but only Samuel had returned. So it was natural for him to blame Samuel for it.

He was about to impulsively set out to seek revenge.

But Oscar stopped him by saying, "Please don't think of revenge, Holy Emperor. Samuel must have nothing to fear since he has dared to plunder the Dongfang Clan. I'm afraid that you will suffer if you go alone. How about we wait for the other Holy Beings?"

Only Nicholas had died forever. The other Holy Beings of the alliance of the powerful clans were being reborn as they spoke and it wouldn't be long.

Oscar's words calmed Clark down.

Clark had died before Samuel's true identity was exposed. That was why he didn't know that Samuel was actually Gregorio, or why Samuel dared to plunder the Floating Island of the Dongfang Clan.

Although Nicholas had died, the other Holy Beings of the alliance of the powerful clans hadn't.

But what gave Samuel the courage to fight the Holy Beings? Perhaps he had something to rely on.

Clark sighed. He was in no hurry. He could wait for the other Holy Beings to be reborn before he sought revenge.

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