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   Chapter 2855 Ignore

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Killing a Holy Being was a very complicated process.

It was a different story, however, when Pierson was determined to die to protect the Ray Tree.

A few seconds after he died, dull thunder resounded from the sky.

It was the sound of a universe that was collapsing unto itself.

It was Pierson who destroyed his universe by himself.

Samuel looked up at the sky, as the dull thud of the collapsing universe sounded in his ears. He murmured with a mocking smirk, "This is the end of an ant. Even at the cost of his own life, he still couldn't get what he wanted."

Rosie glanced at him but opted to remain quiet.

After Pascal killed hundreds of people from the Dongfang Clan, the disciples of the Han Clan couldn't hold back any longer and rushed forward.

The Dongfang Clan had been in the leading position for many years. They were quite wealthy and had many rare treasures in their possession.

The disciples of the Han Clan didn't care about the animosity between Samuel and the Dongfang Clan. They rushed to the herbal garden as soon as they had the opportunity. They raided and snatched the pill formulas and the weapons of the Dongfang Clan like hungry locusts.


They were running everywhere and left a mess anywhere they went. Someone smashed open a hall in his impatience, and hundreds of people immediately rushed in.

Shouts and screams could be heard continuously. They plundered the place and even started to fight with each other.

The elegant buildings of the Dongfang Clan were soon destroyed. The whole Floating Island was ruined as well.

The truth was that Samuel could have taken over the whole Floating Island, but he wanted to vent his anger over the years, so he brought his people here.

This was why, when Samuel saw the ruins left by their plunder, he was filled with great satisfaction. With a pleased smile, he left with Rosie and Pascal.

Soon after, he appeared in the Hall of Holy Beings amidst the clouds.

"Holy Beings! Show yourselves!" Samuel's commanding voice echoed in the Hall of Holy Beings.

This was a place where Holy Beings gathered and communicated with each other.

As Samuel spoke, his voice reached the ears of the Holy Beings. They had been watching the drama unfold on their Floating Islands.

The Holy Beings of the alliance of the powerfu

e center of the Evolutionary Universe, a peculiar view appeared.

A dark red ball of light emitted sun-like radiance. It attracted the attention of countless people in the Upper World.

All of them tried to guess the origin of the red light ball, but they couldn't think of anything.

Some Supreme Lords were curious about the light ball, as they traveled through the universe with their physical bodies. Their curiosity got the best of them, and they tried to approach it.

However, before they could get close to it, they felt a unique aura. The aura was very kind, but it could not be resisted. It stopped anyone from approaching the red light ball.

In a secret place of the Celestial Position race, Wynn looked at the scene in the sky. His face was bright with excitement.

"What the hell is this? Why are you so excited, Master Wynn?" Master Feng asked.

He had also tried to explore the secret of the light ball, but he failed. In the end, he returned to the Celestial Position race and asked Wynn for help.

He did not expect Wynn to be ecstatic at the sight of the light ball in the sky.

"My master! My master is reborn! My master finally comes back to life! We made it! Zen made it! He hasn't been in the divine land for long. How fast!" Wynn was so excited that he could not even speak clearly.

Master Feng tried to make sense of Wynn's words. He gasped when he realized what he meant.

Wasn't Wynn's master the owner of the Evolutionary Universe? Not long after Zen left, he had managed to save his father. What a surprise!

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