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   Chapter 2854 Appease Samuel's Anger

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Samuel was slightly shocked by the scene that greeted him when he appeared on the Dongfang Clan's Floating Island.

He immediately released his spiritual sense and found that the whole Floating Island was empty.

The majority of the Dongfang Clan's members were gone; only a few hundred people in front of him were left.

His face immediately darkened.

Only moments ago, he had incited the disciples of the Han Clan to plunder and destroy the Dongfang Clan's Floating Island.

He had never anticipated that the Dongfang Clan's members would leave without any trace as if they had foreseen his plot. His first fear was that a large amount of wealth of the Dongfang Clan would also have been taken away.

Before he could react, Pierson spoke, "Most of the disciples of our Dongfang Clan have gone back to the Ray Tree. Only 573 of us have remained behind. All the magic weapons, divine might coins, pills, arrays, and classics of the Dongfang Clan have been left behind as well. All our wealth and even the lives of 573 people here will be handed over to you. We only hope that you can let our Dongfang Clan off this time."

The headquarters of the Dongfang Clan was in the Ray Tree.

As long as the Ray Tree existed, the Dongfang Clan could be called a powerful clan even if its Floating Island was destroyed.

After all, the Dongfang Clan had some unknown and powerful warriors apart from Pierson.

While Pierson spoke, the rest of the warriors of the Dongfang Clan, including Winthrop, stared ahead with a calm expression on their faces.

They had become death warriors not to fight against Samuel, but to appease his anger with their lives.

Samuel looked at Pierson in surprise and sneered, "Do you think I will let off the Dongfang Clan just because a few hundred of you willingly hand over your lives? In the past, everyone on the Yue Clan's Floating Island was also slaughtered cruelly. Killing just a few hundred of you will not be enough for me to take revenge!"

When the Dongfang Clan's members heard this, their faces suddenly turned pale.

Pierson's eyes were filled with pain. Gritting his teeth, he suddenly knelt down in front of Samuel and hit his head against the cyan bricks so hard that he immediately smashed them. "Please forgive our Dongfang Clan's crimes!"

Pierson was a well-known and respected Holy Being in the divine land, but now, he was conceding to Sam

, "You old bastard, if you want to die, then just die as soon as possible.

After you die, you will not know whether the Dongfang Clan is destroyed or not."

"Yes, you don't have to worry about what happens after you die anyway!" another person in the crowd added.

The disciples of the Han Clan didn't care about the Dongfang Clan's fate at all.

They had enthusiastically followed Samuel here so that they could plunder this Floating Island. After all, Nicholas was dead, so they had no scruples. Besides, many of them thought that the Dongfang Clan should be exterminated.

Although a portion of the disciples from the Han Clan sympathized with the Dongfang Clan, they were unwilling to stand up for them. Even if they wanted to, they had no qualifications to do that.

Hearing the words of the disciples, Samuel said to Pierson, "If you ask for death, I will agree. But I will never let off the Dongfang Clan! Ha-ha!"

The Abyss Demon Region was already under his control, and now, he felt like the entire divine land was, too. When he would destroy the Ray Tree would depend on his mood.

As soon as he finished speaking, Pascal flew toward the Dongfang Clan's members with the pair of black wings spreading out behind him.

The wings exuded a terrifying momentum. As Pascal flew over the death warriors of the Dongfang Clan, all the flesh and blood in their bodies instantly collapsed and turned into powder.

Even Pierson and Winthrop were killed in that way.

Even at the last second, Pierson hadn't made any attempt to resist. He had just continued to kneel down on the ground.

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