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Seeing the expression on Iris' face, Rocher couldn't help holding her hand tightly.

After Nicholas had been defeated, the Dongfang Clan was bound to be in great trouble.

Rocher was able to clear his mind.

As far as he was aware, the Luo Clan had a deep grudge against the alliance of powerful clans.

Perhaps, Zen didn't bring about any turmoil on the Dongfang Clan's Floating Island for his mother's sake.

It was inappropriate for Zen to deal with these matters by himself. After Mike came out of the Evolutionary Universe, he might take action.

As a matter of fact, those who were able to become the Holy Beings had always been ambitious, powerful and decisive. That meant that Mike, who was one of them, might not be soft-hearted.

Now, Samuel might do such things even before he came back.

Soon, after they left the space channel, the main door of the Swirl Forest finally welcomed their arrival.

Being a regular visitor of the Swirl Forest, Zen had never entered from the front gate. Making a detour and passing through the Dongfang Clan's transmission array this time, they were able to get to the Swirl Forest.

After the Swirl Forest was controlled by Augustus, the other wealthy clans rarely explored it. Thick weeds and vines ran from one direction to the other, covering its gate now.

In the fairy palace, Augustus was able to see their arrival. A confused expression suddenly took over him.

"What's wrong now?" Hallet asked him flatly.

"Zen didn't use the token. He just came back from a Floating Island through a transmission array. He returns with a group of people this time," Augustus uttered curiously, not meeting Hallet's eyes.

"What?" Surprised, Hallet's eyes flashed.

Even though they had been worried about Zen's safety these past few days, nobody said anything about it.

Finally hearing about Zen's return, Hallet naturally got excited and asked, "Do you know who are with him?"

"I've never even seen those people," Augustus answered, curling his lip. "Wait, one of them looks familiar. It's the guy who fled to the Abyss Demon Region from the Luo Clan back then."

"Send Harold, Joy and the others here. And bring these people to the fairy palace," Hallet ordered.

Grinning, Augustus stretched out his finger to gently po

However, no matter how he guessed, he wouldn't have thought that the Stone Mouse would lead Zen into the Abyss Demon Region. That was not even a coincidence but purely bad luck. He couldn't understand how Zen had been through all these terrible situations and managed to turn the tables in the end.

"Yes!" Sword Chen nodded.

He appeared to be excited to tell Harold what had happened during this period of time. However, before he could say anything, Harold gestured for him to "keep quiet". "Why don't we talk about how you survived in the Abyss Demon Region during those years? How did you cultivate yourself to be a Demi-holy Being?"

Right now, Sword Chen's cultivation base was higher than that of Harold.

Harold was confused about this point.

On the other hand, Zen came back with Lorena, making Margaret, Letitia and the other women feel bashful and embarrassed. Unsure on how to deal with the situation, they tried to behave themselves.

Still holding Yan in her arms, Lorena keenly perceived the emotions of everyone in the place. "Zen, are you ready to introduce your wives to me?" she asked, turning to Zen with a playful smile. She blinked at him to make him feel at ease.

Smiling, Zen nodded and suggested, "Let's go inside first."

They all went together inside the fairy palace.

While they made their way inside the palace, Joy and Lorena exchanged glances but no one spoke a word.

Everyone else were too busy to even notice it, except for Harold who forced a bitter smile as he went along.

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