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   Chapter 2850 Taking Advantage Of Each Other

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It was very apparent that it was not an easy feat to employ and utilize the Blood Splitting Technique.

Back then, Leyton had adopted a forbidden weapon to be able to employ this grand evil magic of slaughter.

While on the other hand, the use of the Blood Splitting Technique had caused his cultivation level to decrease considerably. And due to that, Harper and the others had taken advantage of the rare and golden opportunity to seal the Yellow Emperor Guards.

Samuel, who was seriously afraid of being misunderstood by Leyton, kept silent for a while before he thoughtfully explained, "She is just a creature from the forbidden land..."

"I know it," declared Leyton flatly. He radiated a neutral attitude towards him.

Keenly observing Rosie, who stood next to Samuel, it was not hard for them to know what she had now become. After all, she did not have the life force of living beings, but only a manifestation of fear.

"But what she said is true. The Other Shore Realm warriors located outside the divine land might be very complicated to deal with," Samuel carefully added, silently hoping that he could possibly strike a good deal.

Based on his assessment, he was now clear that the Yellow Emperor Guards in front of him were not powerful enough to combat against the Other Shore Realm warriors outside.

In Nicholas's memories, Hamish had told him that what they only needed was powerful energy, and everything would be handled by them.

And this was why Nicholas had intended to control the Abyss Demon Region at all costs.

While they were conversing, Samuel couldn't help turning suspicious and cautious at the same time. Although he craved to replace Nicholas, he didn't trust the Yellow Emperor Guards as much as Nicholas did. He even openly mentioned the Other Shore Realm warriors on purpose, trying to sound them out.

"Well, you don't have to worry about this. If I use the forbidden weapon, even a five-star Yellow Emperor Guard won't be a match for me. Now that the Abyss Demon Region is under your control, they will be no threat at all if you choose to cooperate with me. Besides, we still have another plan," Leyton revealed calmly.

Samuel merely nodded in reply before he swiftly gazed around as if looking for something. Then he suddenly inquired, "Where is Master Hamish now? I should be able to help you remove the Mixed Element Seal."

"It seems that you know everything about us," countered Leyton. Like Samuel, he was also exercising caution.

"I told you, I have Nicholas's memories, and I know everything he knew," Samuel claimed rather proudly.

"We do need your help to remove the Mixed Element Seal, but I'm afraid not today. Hamish has something important to deal with at the moment. I think it would be best if you should go back to the Floating


She fully understood that it wouldn't be long before Mike returned with a new body. They only needed to wait patiently.

At this time, it suddenly occurred to Lorena that she hadn't visited the fairy palace yet.

And as a mother-in-law, she had never seen her daughters-in-law and grandson.

Maybe it was because she was in a good mood after she returned to the Floating Island, Lorena warned Pierson, who had accompanied them all the way with such respect. She thoughtfully said, "If I were you, I would have all the disciples of the clan removed from the Floating Island."

"But why?" Pierson inquired curiously.

Lorena followed the rest into the transmission array leading to the Swirl Forest. She calmly added, "Samuel is still alive. If I'm not wrong, his son has controlled the Abyss Demon Region."

"Really? But does it have anything to do with our clan?" The confusion was clearly evident in Pierson's eyes as he thought to himself, 'As far as I know, Samuel is also a member of the alliance.'

Fluctuations of space began to spread from the transmission array leading to the Swirl Forest, which were about to shroud them. At this time, Zen turned back and added, "Samuel has another name, and that's Gregorio Yue."

As soon as he finished speaking, the transmission array had been activated fully and enveloped Zen and the rest, who then completely disappeared from the spot, leaving no trace behind.

Pierson was briefly stunned for a moment. As he mumbled the name to himself, he suddenly seemed to recall something, and his face darkened immediately.

Inside the transmission channel, Iris still wondered what Gregorio stood for, so she gently asked Rocher in a low voice. After Rocher quietly explained for her, Iris's face turned ghastly pale.

If what Rocher said was true, she knew there was no way that her clan could be spared this time.

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