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   Chapter 2849 Replacement

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Rosie stared at Samuel's face, not knowing what he meant.

Just then, Pascal rose slowly and came over to stand next to Samuel.

That was when Rosie began to feel the space around her turning. After a moment, she had arrived at the gate of the Abyss Demon Region with Pascal and Samuel.

The gate was a complete mess, and all the transmission arrays had been destroyed.

The only thing that remained was the barrier set together by the many powerful clans on the Floating Islands.

The barrier was too solid and powerful for ordinary True Gods and even Demi-holy Beings to remove. However...

Pascal raised his hand slightly, and a torrent of power surged out of thin air before it charged toward the barrier.


The barrier instantly disintegrated and the gate to the Abyss Demon Region was passable now.

"Let me show you how naive you are!"

Samuel said as he strode toward the gate.

After a cold glance at Rosie, Pascal ordered, "Follow us."

Much as she was eager to leave this place, as a ferocious beast, Rosie couldn't disobey Pascal, so she merely followed him toward the gate.

She was sure that the moment she stepped into the divine land, she would perish and then resurrect in the black waters.

As she was walking to the exit, however, a black light shot out from Pascal's ring.

The moment the light hit her body, it latched onto her and penetrated deep inside.

When she finally set foot in the divine land, she realized that she was still alive.


she asked in amazement before stretching out her hands and looking down at her body with joy.

Many years ago, before the powerful clans on the Floating Islands had entered the Abyss Demon Region and set up transmission arrays and the barrier, she had tried going back to the divine land.

She still couldn't forget how, at that time, her body had immediately turned into ashes and disappeared.

Since then, returning to the divine land had been like a dream for her. It had been so close and yet so far.

She had never expected that now, years later, she would be able to return to the divine land, albeit in such a situation.

Even if she had been brought here by Samuel as a hostage, she was so happy that she couldn't hide it. In a fit of joy, she spread her arms and spu

how I know about your existence. Since I control the Abyss Demon Region now, I want to replace him!" Samuel said.

At the same time, Pascal stepped forward and pointed his ring at the globes. The ring emitted an indescribable power which the Yellow Emperor Guards were immediately attracted to.

Samuel was very confident that he could get what he wanted.

Although these guards had supported Nicholas, that didn't mean that they wouldn't abandon him.

To them, a man like Samuel, who had control over the Abyss Demon Region, would obviously be more useful than Nicholas.

"You are ambitious and powerful. Good." Leyton's faint voice was heard again.

Just then, Rosie sneered, "Yeah, ambitious and powerful. So what? You are doomed to fail. In another three to five years, when our Nine Li Guards break into the divine land, you will all die!"

"Shut up!"

Samuel barked. He hadn't anticipated that Rosie would speak.

Pascal turned to her. His eyes twinkled, and then Rosie could not speak anymore.

Leyton stared at Rosie in confusion for a long time before he realized who she was. "Ah, you were the little girl of the Nine Li race."

To employ the Blood Splitting Technique to kill the whole Nine Li race, one had to use their blood. The purer the blood was, the better.

That year, Leyton had slaughtered the whole Nine Li race with Rosie's blood.

Years had passed since then. If Rosie hadn't spoken up now, he would not have recognized her. However, she had recognized his voice as soon as she heard it.

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