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   Chapter 2843 Pierson Dongfang

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The fact the transmission arrays were damaged was not much of an issue.

After all, the restrictions at the entrances of the forbidden lands were built by the wealthy clans on the Floating Islands. They would be able to rebuild the transmission arrays at any time. However, the destruction of the arrays delivered a bad news...

The Dongfang Clan's transmission array had also been destroyed.

In the moment the array had been damaged, the space passageway had separated as if an azure dragon had sliced through the sky.

At that time inside the passageway, several light spots were moving at incredibly high speed.

With the transmission array being destroyed, the passageway had been altered, and the path of the light spots deviated towards a square on the Floating Island of the Donfang Clan. Nothing was there to stop the projectiles from crashing directly into the center of the square.

The collision caused a massive boom to echo across the island, and shake the ground.

A large crater now consumed more than half the square.

The impact had caused the island to sink by twenty to thirty feet before slowly bouncing back into place.

All the guards had scrambled to get away in time to avoid being squashed.

It took a long moment for the guards to regain their senses and inch their way to the edge of the pit to gaze inside.

Amazingly, four people stood within the center of the crater.

The only person any of them recognized was Rocher.

Rocher had traveled to and from the forbidden lands under his false name Lowell for the past several years.

"Lowell? You're back!" one of the guards called.

"What happened in the forbidden land? How is the Holy Emperor?" someone else asked.

"Hurry up! Go get the elders of our clan!" another guard said, pushing the person next to him into motion.

The guard stumbled and made it a few steps before he realized there was no need to get the elders.

With the force of the impact, the elders had already been alerted and were flying towards the spectacle.

Among them, there were Demi-holy Beings, consummate True Gods, and a single Holy Being.

The Holy Being went by the name Pierson Dongfang. He stayed in the Ray Tree all year round. He had experienced much in life and was enjoying a mass amount of respect from the other clan members. He seldom moved about the island, though, so people rarely saw much of him over the years.

When the news of Nicholas's death had spread, the Dongfang Clan decided to ask Pierson Dongfang to take charge in clan matters again.

As the strongest clan, it was only normal for the Dongfang Clan to have a Holy Being to lead them.

Casting a glance at Lorena and the others, Pierson Dongfang asked, "Who are you? Why did you leave the Abyss Demon Region and trespass into the transmission array of our clan?"

Among the four people, there was a Demi-holy Being, two consummate True Gods, and a woman whose

ou are to be so..."

Pierson Dongfang sputtered and finally lost his temper. He reached out one hand to grab Zen.

The moment he'd moved, though, Lorena moved to stand before Zen to protect him. She would not stand by as someone threatened her son in this way.

"You talk too much!"

She raised her hand and a crimson light awl shot from her palm and cut towards the old man with a harrowing shriek.

The sound made everyone's ears throb.

The crimson light awl might be only three inches long, but it was fierce. The aura it contained made the Holy Being feel a slight amount of fear.

Pierson Dongfang hadn't expected that someone from these four would dare to fight him and attempt to kill him.

It was too late for him to dodge the attack, though.

Gritting his teeth, he brought both hands before him and made to snatch the awl.

He grabbed at it six or seven times.

Each grab could only slow down the light awl little by little.

His face became increasingly stormy and the scowl pulled the corners of his lips down.

The power of the crimson light awl didn't seem to be weakening.

It kept coming for him as if it were death itself.

The overwhelming feeling of danger had Pierson Dongfang nearly use all of his internal momentum to summon a golden bell shadow to shield himself.


The sound of the light awl hitting the bell reverberated through the ground and up everyone's feet.

The toll was so loud that people on Floating Islands nearby could hear it clearly.

An unmistakable cracking sound could be heard, and fissures began to crawl across the bell.

The bell had only slowed down the light awl for a short moment before the bell disintegrated and became fine powder on the ground.

With a pained grunt, the light awl burrowed through Pierson Dongfang's chest and burst out his back leaving a triangular hole behind.

With a single move, Lorena had nearly mortally wounded Pierson Dongfang.

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