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   Chapter 2840 A Secret Cellar

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During this time, Hallet and Harold were all over the place.

They knew why Nicholas was planning a conquest of the Abyss Demon Region.

If Nicholas took control of the Abyss Demon Region, he might take some drastic actions when he returned to the Floating Island.

Everyone, including Hallet, Harold, and the other forces, saw this.

That was how Hallet convinced the Moon Clan.

The Moon Clan decided to side with the Sword Clan. If the Sword Clan were to fight against the alliance of the powerful clans, the Moon Clan would join them.

Harold, on the other hand, was trying to find the Godly Geniuses who were scattered in the divine land.

The divine land was so large, it wouldn't be easy to trace the Godly Geniuses.

Even with the help of the Evolutionary Fifty to predict their whereabouts, the range was too large. But that didn't mean there was no trace.

After all, the Godly Geniuses would break a rule of the slate if they tried to enter the divine land. And thanks to this, Harold would get an approximate time and area range of their coming.

The Godly Geniuses in the universe were secondary creatures, but in terms of talent, they were comparable to the talents of the divine land. They were all impressive, which was why he wouldn't need a lot of time to find them.

All preparations were carried out in an orderly way but they hadn't expected Nicholas to die so suddenly.

"Since Nicholas is now dead, does it mean that the alliance of the powerful clans has lost the battle in the Abyss Demon Region?" Hallet asked, frowning.

"If that's the case, then it's good news," Augustus said, giggling.

But Harold still looked conflicted. "I don't think Nicholas is who we need to worry about," he said.

The Dongfang Clan that Nicholas represented was no doubt powerful. But it was probably not invincible by a large margin.

The strength of several old geezers belonging to the Sword Clan and the Moon Clan couldn't be underestimated. These two great forces hadn't made a move for so many years and hadn't stepped out to fight against the alliance of the powerful clans. They were afraid of Nichola

Wild Gods, the Yellow Emperor race, the Snake Goddess race, and the Nine Li race.

Everyone's eyes widened at this, including Lorena and Sword Chen.

Sword Chen had felt that his trip to the divine land had been strange, but compared to Zen's, it was just a drop in the bucket.

"So basically, the masters at the Other Shore Realm of the Snake Goddess race and our Nine Li race are outside the divine land, right?" Lorena asked.

Zen nodded and said, "But the space barrier is blocking them from coming in."

"Timotheus, a five-star Nine Li Guard," Lorena muttered. "I have never heard of this man!"

Rosie smiled and said, "We were young when we left the Source World. Our Nine Li race is full of talented people. The five-star Nine Li Guards are powerful, but we have gotten many of them in our race in the past. Timotheus must have left our race a long time ago, which is probably why you haven't heard of him."

Zen nodded. He knew that except for Leopold, no one else had heard of Lorena. His mother hadn't been born at the time.

"A five-star Nine Li Guard should be able to deal with Leyton," said Lorena.

The Nine Li race's mortal enemy was not Nicholas.

Nicholas had only released Hamish from his seal in order to fulfill his own ambitions.

The true enemy of the Nine Li race was the Yellow Emperor Guard Leyton who had performed the Blood Splitting Technique that had killed all the Nine Li people.

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