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   Chapter 2839 The News Of Nicholas' Death

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On the Floating Island of the Dongfang Clan.

The grand and beautiful gardens stretched around the exquisite palace. It was lush and divine that you could wander all afternoon and get lost in its secret nooks. The palace itself was full of grandeur and beautiful paintings and frescoes. From afar, a smoke of incense ascended slowly.

The booming sounds had Iris startled, making her stand up immediately.

Looking up at the sky, deep concern filled her eyes.

It had been a long time since the members of the alliance of the powerful clans had stepped into the Abyss Demon Region, leaving them with no news about them.

Hearing those booming sounds now delivered a piece of news back. Unfortunately, it was a bad one. It meant that some Holy Being had departed forever, and could never come back to life.

Was this Holy Being part of the alliance of the powerful clans?

If so, who was it?

Even the Holy Being couldn't escape death. Where could her husband be now?

Feeling ill at ease, Iris trotted back and forth in the palace. Clearly, she couldn't sit around and wait.

Making up her mind quickly, she walked out of the palace.

Meanwhile, in one of the other palaces of the Dongfang Clan

Several elders of the Dongfang Clan gathered to set up a magic array.

A huge chess board lay in the center of the magic array, while a big drum stood inside it.

As soon as the elders activated the magic array, the big drum thumped.

Every time there was a rumble in the sky, a drumbeat also echoed its booming noise.

On the chessboard, a small chess piece was jumping up and down.

The Holy Beings' universes were distributed in different directions. They used this method to determine which universe had collapsed, noting from which direction the voice came from.


The small piece would jump slightly on the chessboard each time the drum beat.

It had been moving to the upper right bit by bit.

Noticing the direction where the piece jumped, the elders of the Dongfang Clan couldn't hide the ominous look on their faces.

"Could it be..." one of the elders started to assume.

But before he could say his thoughts out loud, another old man interrupted him, "No way! No matter who that Holy Being is, it's not our Holy Emperor!"

"Absolutely! Our Holy Emperor has far more supernatural power than ordinary Holy Beings. How could


After the stars fell and the supreme worlds collapsed, it all ended up with numerous casualties.

Watching helplessly, these secondary creatures could only feel devastated with what had occurred.

In the Swirl Forest.

Standing in the yard, Harold raised his head to look up at the sky.

Augustus, Hallet, Joy and the others were watching him from afar.


Clasping his fingers, he couldn't hide a thoughtful expression that flashed on his face.

His gesture would change each time he heard another roar, making him unfathomable.

After a long while, he finally saw it.

A glint flashed in his eyes as his conclusion was drawn.

"Who is it?" It was Hallet who spoke first.

With the universe collapsing, Hallet and Augustus were the most concerned about their own master Bromley.

Although they weren't sure as to where Bromley was, the fact that his universe was safe meant that he was also still alive.

A trace of doubt crossed Harold's eyes as if he suspected that he had miscalculated. Calculating by bending his fingers again, he commented, "The sounds are coming from the northwest. It is Nicholas' universe that collapsed."

"So Nicholas is dead?" Augustus asked, leaving his mouth wide open.

Hallet knew exactly what it meant. His eyes flashed with a dazzling light. "If his universe has collapsed, he can no longer come back to life!"

They still had the chance to revive Mike, Zen's father, because the Evolutionary Universe was still running smoothly.

Joy's mouth remained slightly open in shock after she heard the news.

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