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   Chapter 2836 Encounter

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The star grew for a short while and then plummeted towards the white hole.

After Zen returned to the divine land, there wasn't much time left for him to learn about the Falling Star Palm.

Although an immense amount of mysterious energy was contained in the Truth Crystal, it was not particularly powerful in terms of its strength.

But when it came to the energy of truth, it was impossible to transform it using only the Furnace of Dark and Light.

Even the Furnace of Dark and Light set up by Fuxi personally would also be the same case. Of course, if he took action, there might be other methods he could use to cope with the Falling Star Palm.


The star exploded as soon as it fell into the white hole.

But the energy flow was swallowed up by the white hole so it disappeared without a trace.

It was as if it had never appeared in the first place.

In no time, beams of green energy suddenly gushed out from the black hole on the other side. The energy flow, like exploding fireworks, quickly filled up the entire Eight Diagrams disk.

"It's impossible!

I can refine anything with the help of my Furnace of Dark and Light, absolutely everything in the world!"

Nicholas' eyes were about to crack. He tried his best to control the Eight Diagrams disk and forcefully drew it down. At the same time, the whirlpool below started to shrink rapidly.

Sword Chen had fainted and was being propped up by the woman. Samuel had almost reached his limit, as there was a look of despair on his face.


The Eight Diagrams disk could no longer maintain its shape. It started to collapse and explode at the last moment.

Nicholas calmed himself down. He was in deep thought. The unwillingness on his face disappeared and was replaced by calmness and coldness.

Shortly after, countless cracks appeared on his head, which then turned into red crystals.

At the moment of the explosion of the Eight Diagrams disk, the huge whirlpool that had shrunk to sixty to seventy feet also collapsed.

As soon as the fetters disappeared, the woman took Sword Chen and quickly retreated. Samuel clenched his teeth

d forced him out of his space channel. Now there was no escape.

Samuel staggered, his face darkened and he threw the treasure body into the air. This time, he used the Spear of Supreme Harmony to tear up the void and drill his way out of the Cold Fiends' lair.

The woman didn't mean to hunt him down. After all, his clone was in bad condition, and it was difficult for him to use the Spear of Supreme Harmony. But she had succeeded as Samuel left the treasure body behind.

Zen was in no mood to pursue Samuel anymore. He flew over to the treasure body to take off the dark golden ring from its finger.

There was a simple seal on the ring. Zen activated his spiritual sense and broke the seal with a bit of force.

When he removed the seal, an unexpected beam of bright red light shot out from it.

Lorena emerged from the little world with her long hair trailing behind her.

She had expected to see Nicholas upon coming out of her world, so she pulled a long face, but when she saw Zen, her expression froze and her eyes were filled with disbelief.

"Zen? Why are you here? Did Nicholas catch you?" Lorena sounded a bit worried. After all, the void didn't seem like a normal place.

She glanced around and was surprised to see the woman not too far away from her.

The woman covered her mouth with her hand and stared at Lorena with her beautiful eyes. She couldn't believe she would meet Lorena here of all places!

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