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   Chapter 2835 Falling Star Palm

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Sword Chen didn't stop and continued to exert his strength. He wasn't alone as the others also struggled to give their all.

Samuel spared no effort but was also caught in a pickle at the moment.

He kept on activating the Spear of Supreme Harmony to create a new space channel. This weapon had helped decrease the damage he had taken by using the new space channels for him to hide.

As a result of creating multiple space channels, he disappeared and appeared from time to time like a shining star from the heavens.

Just like a drowning man struggling to keep himself afloat in the water as he gasped for air, he used his remaining strength to struggle on the edge of the vortex.

The woman had noticed the strategy Samuel tried to keep himself away from danger. She instantly gave an order to Samuel's clone and imitated what Samuel had done, following his actions to create space channels. She moved in a swift manner and then instantly concealed herself before grabbing Sword Chen inside for a chance to survive.

"Ha-ha! No more struggles! Both of you, come to me!"

Nicholas fiercely bellowed. He only had his head left and the flesh below his neck had already been refined into red crystals.

Exerting every bit of his remaining strength, he had managed to pull the eight-diagram disc.

It wouldn't be long before the Furnace of Dark and Light was completely absorbed into his body. Everything inside space which included the eight-diagram disc made from the Dark and Light energies, Zen, Rocher and even himself, would be refined!

"It didn't work," Rocher said anxiously.

Zen frowned as he looked at the situation and responded, "No, it worked. However, Nicholas managed to maintain the balance of the eight-diagram disc again. Our attacks were not strong enough. We must do better than this."

He believed that once their attacks had exceeded the range Nicholas could control, the furnace would break apart!

Rocher thought about the plan and agreed. A trace of determination appeared on his vigorous face, but he was still feeling a bit hesitant deep inside.

He was created for these moments.

He had evaluated carefully about their situation and hoped that someone else would save the day.

Maybe he didn't have to use that power?

This thought kept haunting him, preventing him from using his trump card. At the same time, Iris's face kept flashing in his mind.

Iris, his wife, was still on the Floating Island waiting for him to go back to her.

This thought finally helped him make up his mind.

He imme

believed that he was the strongest throughout the entire divine land. He was the kind of person who never took anyone seriously other than the Yellow Emperor Guards.

In his eyes, Samuel was not even qualified to be regarded as a rival. Samuel was nothing without the Spear of Supreme Harmony!

But the two young warriors fighting him right now had shown great power beyond his imagination.

The golden light that Rocher summoned was incredibly surprising enough. On top of that, the square crystal that Zen materialized emitted an indescribable aura of mystery!

"This is the power that you can never understand!

It represents...

The truth of the entire chaos!"

Zen explained in a cold voice as the square crystal in his hand began to spin.

Simultaneously, a green vortex appeared above his head.

A special star could be seen in the center of the vortex. The star seemed irrelevant in size, but it couldn't be taken lightly by its appearance. In truth, nothing in the entire divine land could battle its great power!

It turned out that the power of the Furnace of Dark and Light fainted in comparison with the tiny star.

The three people struggling at the edge of the huge vortex — the woman, Sword Chen and Samuel were not subjected to its influence. They certainly felt its power as they showed different unbelievable expressions upon seeing the star.

Samuel revealed his astonishment and fear at the same time. The woman showed curiosity and Sword Chen beamed with pleasure and relief.

Everyone were all taken aback by the surprising turn of events. It was beyond their expectations.

Nobody would have expected that Zen still hid such a powerful skill up his sleeve!

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