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   Chapter 2834 Break The Balance

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"How can you break my furnace without finding the array core? This... this cannot happen! No!"

At that moment, almost half of Nicholas' physical body had already been crystallized.

His legs and the lower half of his torso had already been transformed into countless small yet incredibly spiky red crystals, rendering them useless. The only things that made him look human were his upper torso and head, but the crystals were fast approaching them too.

Now that he had reached the last stage of refining, he definitely wouldn't allow Zen and Rocher to break the furnace.

"Keep shrinking! I don't think you can hold on!"

Nicholas' rage-filled eyes widened as he activated the internal momentum of the Truth of Dark and Light Chaos to its limit.

It seemed that he had put a fire in the furnace.

At that moment, the Eight Diagrams above him as well as the huge whirlpool below him once again shrank greatly.

The whole whirlpool was now only about three hundred feet wide!

The Eight Diagrams, on the other hand, was now looking incredibly different from how it looked when the battle started, and it started to move downward.

But as the whole Furnace of Dark and Light shrank, the power inside the Eight Diagrams was becoming greater than ever!

Buzz... buzz... buzz...

The killing power produced by the Dark and Light energies was transmitted to Zen and Rocher respectively.

The two warriors absorbed the strong power and transferred it to each other. A few moments later, they started condensing the red lotus flowers and ice flowers once again!

Unfortunately, the red lotus flowers and ice flowers they released were even assimilated to the Dark and Light energies, effectively being part of them.

One could say that the two auras of the Eight Diagrams were actively resisting the forces exerted by Zen and Rocher.

'It can't go on like this! We need a better plan!' Zen thought to himself, his mind racing to find a solution.

Since the two girls were connected to each other, Rocher understood what Zen was thinking.

"But the Eight Diagrams doesn't have an array core, Zen. How will we be able to break it?" Rocher asked, also feeling a little anxious.

Zen did not answer back, but he continuously released the red lotus flowers, lost in thought as to what to do next.

Bromley had also cultivated the Dark and Light energies.

Zen had come into contact with such energies on the True Path. During that time, all of the enemies he encountered were all formed by the Dark and Light energies.

Because Bromley still hadn't finished cultivating the complete Truth of Dark and Light Chaos at that time, Hallet and Augustus were only able to master a part of it.

What shocked Zen the most was the Eight Diagrams Chart of Fuxi.

The Eight Diagrams Chart had the ability to make any technique e

into Dark energies. Because of that, an imbalance was starting to occur: the Dark energies were more than the Light energies. "Finally!" Zen shouted, noticing that his plan was working.

From below, it seemed that the area of the white side on the Eight Diagrams was constantly decreasing, and the area of the black side was constantly increasing!

"You two..."

Nicholas looked confused and shocked.

He had no idea how Zen figured out the method to break the balance in such a short time.

'His method is undoubtedly effective!' he thought in disbelief.

After breaking the balance of the Furnace of Dark and Light, it became extremely difficult to control.

The entire Eight Diagrams even started to deflect.

"The Dark energies can turn into Light energies! Let me see how you can still break the balance!"

shouted Nicholas.

Now that he was at the last step of refining, how could he let them cause his failure?

The superfluous Dark energies started to flow towards the white hole.

Because of what was happening, in the eyes of Sword Chen and the others, the Eight Diagrams' shape was becoming more and more bizarre...

What Nicholas did was not normal, but he had no choice—he had to do that. Unconventional as it might have been, in the end, the balance was maintained.

But this time, Sword Chen had no strength to see what was happening above. The other Holy Beings also couldn't hold on any longer and they all fell into the center of the huge whirlpool. They were then absorbed by Nicholas and immediately turned into the red crystals.

Now, only Sword Chen, Samuel, the woman, and Samuel's clone were left in the huge whirlpool.

Apparently, Sword Chen had consumed almost all of his strength. Even if he tried his best to activate the Emotion Closing Godly Way, he would not be able to resist the increasing power from the Furnace of Dark and Light.

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