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   Chapter 2833 Entering The Eight Diagrams

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Rocher was a little puzzled when he saw Zen summon the girl with red eyes.

Zen asked the red-eyed girl, "Can you establish a connection with the blue-eyed girl?"

"With whom? What connection?" asked the red-eyed girl innocently with a smile.

She had the intellect of a four-or five-year-old.

Zen knew how the girl's brain worked, but he didn't know how to explain things to her. So all he did was command Rocher, "Summon the blue-eyed girl!"

Rocher nodded. A blue light appeared and with that the girl left his body.

"A connection between you and her," Zen said, pointing at the new entrant to help the red-eyed girl understand what he was saying.

The girl with red eyes blinked and looked her blue-eyed counterpart.

The two girls looked identical, except their temperament and the color of their pupils.


The red-eyed girl frowned trying to think hard, and then she said, "Do you mean this?"

As she spoke, a blue light flashed between her eyebrows.

Space was being emitted faintly through the light. Then the light turned into a thin thread, spreading to the blue-eyed girl. It was a blue thread!

It was a special spatial passageway, which could only be used to transmit energy between the two girls. It was their instinct and innate ability.

As soon as the blue-eyed girl saw the thin thread, her previously indifferent demeanor changed. She showed a trace of interest, and the middle of her eyebrows also emitted a ray of light. The two thin threads intertwined in the void.

When the thin threads met, Rocher and Zen also had a strange feeling, as if a layer of perception occurred in their minds, which allowed them to become aware of each other's existence.

"It's done!" Zen smiled.

By now, the woman and Sword Chen knew Zen's purpose. Once the two girls got connected, they were seemingly invincible. Earlier, she had created clones of the Holy Beings, but even when united, the clones could not hurt the girls.

Zen looked at the Eight Diagrams above and said, "Rocher, let's go up together!"

Warriors as powerful as Emily might be able to br

m to pieces!

Luckily, since his body had just been refined by the red lotuses, it was infused with the Truth of Godly Way. After taking a portion of the power into his own body, he was able to barely hold on.

He was more worried about Rocher. After all, his body wasn't as strong as his.

He couldn't see how Rocher was dealing with the Dark and Light energies.

Zen was worrying about him when suddenly he felt a powerful surge of energy in his body. It gave him a start.

Almost instinctively, Zen decided to release this energy!

Hundreds of red lotuses surrounded his body, crazily extending outwards.

Rocher was in the same situation as Zen.

The overwhelming killing power in his body was transmitted to Zen, and as Zen transferred the surging power in his body to Rocher, thousands of ice flowers exploded everywhere!

"Is it done?"

The woman raised her head and looked up. She could see that in the spinning Eight Diagrams array, a ray of red light and a ray of blue light were rapidly rotating. These two lights must be Zen and Rocher!

Nicholas was also observing the two lights in the Eight Diagrams. He could clearly sense the existence of both Zen and Rocher.

Just like two stubborn stones in a torrent, Zen and Rocher helped each other to stop the circulation of Dark and Light energies, hoping to break the form of the Furnace of Dark and Light using pure brute force!

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