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   Chapter 2832 Rachelle's Death

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The aura emitted by the Furnace of Dark and Light was originally scattered across a wide area.

But right now, the aura was getting more and more concentrated.

The Truth of Dark and Light Chaos, which was compressing, became denser, as if it was a real entity. The pressure exerted on everyone's head became greater.

The Holy Beings and Demi-holy Beings could withstand it.

However, some of the consummate True Gods just couldn't bear it anymore.

Rachelle's face had turned deathly pale.

She took out a small jade pendant from her space ring and gently covered it with her hands. The pendant emitted a warm soul force.

The jade pendant was a gift from her father and it was used to save her life. The Soul of Light, which didn't belong to anybody, was inside the jade pendant.

After she placed the jade pendant on her forehead, the pressure of the Truth of Dark and Light Chaos decreased. She began to feel better.

But the jade pendant's soul power was limited. In about nine seconds, the surface of the jade pendant began to dim.

Although Rachelle could still rely on the soul weapon to protect herself from the pressure, the other consummate True Gods weren't so lucky.

A consummate True God from the Zhao Clan had his eyes wide open and he was gritting his teeth. He did not have a soul weapon, so he had to survive without any help.

When he reached his limit, he suddenly let out a cry. His eyes rolled backwards into his head and his soul was completely shattered.


He was unable to resist the gravity from the center of the whirlpool and floated towards Nicholas's body. He went inside Nicholas's body and merged with him.


A consummate True God from the Fang Clan, too, couldn't stand the pressure anymore. He roared madly and rushed towards Nicholas's body as well.

He chose to commit a suicide explosion the moment he fused with Nicholas's body!

The inner world of the consummate True God was perfect so the power that emanated from the spontaneous explosion wasn't to be underestimated.


Nicholas was covered in a dazzling light with a deafening thud.

However, what happened next was very bizarre. The blast wave that erupted accumulated

ips raised slightly, and a small smile replaced the anxiousness on her beautiful face.

In terms of appearance, Rachelle was more beautiful than Nelly and she was energetic all the time. However, she was too domineering, and most men did not dare to look at her directly. Most of them treated her as a man.

After the faint smile, her eyes suddenly lost their glow. Her entire body was like a leaf floating in the air, sucked away by the gravity of the huge whirlpool. She got pulled into Nicholas and entered his body...

Rachelle was the last consummate True God to die.

The mammoth whirlpool shrank to a width of five miles.

Now it was the turn of the Demi-holy Beings who were still holding on for dear life!

"Who can save me?"

"Damn you, Nicholas! Go to hell!

"I don't want to be killed by him!"

Some Demi-holy Beings were wailing, some were silent, and some were thinking about a solution at this critical moment.

They were very powerful figures in the divine land. How could they accept this kind of a death?

Zen also shook his head. Of course, he was not willing to accept the result. However, the Eight Diagrams was like the True Demon Body. The dark energy and light energy were complementary to each other. How could any regular method break through it?

The True Demon Body...

Suddenly Zen thought of something and said, "Come out!"


The girl with the red eyes inside Zen's body came out and stared at him with her big eyes.

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