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   Chapter 2830 The Vortex That Pulled Everyone Inside

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The Dark Light World Transformation was powerful.

But since it was harmful to one's soul, only a few people in the Source World would choose to practice this technique.

The first and second levels of this technique were still acceptable, since they only caused limited damage to the souls which could be healed after years of rest.

But its third level, namely the Furnace of Dark and Light, was regarded as a taboo method.

Using this method at the expense of one's own soul, they could use the Truth of Dark and Light Chaos that they had comprehended all at once.

In the Source World, it was a method used to refine weapons, and not a method to destroy your enemies.

In order to create peerless weapons, disciples were specially trained by some great forces on using the Truth of Dark and Light Chaos. Finally, they forced and tempted them to use the Furnace of Dark and Light.

Some powerful forces had once ordered over a hundred consummate True Gods to use the Furnace of Dark and Light in order to refine some tough materials, which then cost their own lives.


As the eight-diagram disc rotated, the entire space began rotating along with it.

"It forces me to go along with it!" a consummate True God exclaimed, staring at the eight-diagram disc in a daze.

"Does Holy Nicholas intend to refine us too?" a Demi-holy Being with a long face queried.

"Yes, he wants to sacrifice us all! This is unfair!" Hearing this, terror appeared in Rachelle's eyes.

No one knew what price Nicholas would have to pay or whether he could be reborn since he employed this technique. Either way, she knew she was doomed to die, anyway.

Everyone within this space was pulled into the vortex without a choice.

At the center of the vortex was Nicholas.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Noticing how unfavorable the situation was for them, Zen and Rocher both thrust their swords at Nicholas.

However, it seemed too late. As soon as their swords penetrated through Nicholas' body, they collided with each other, making a clanging sound. At the same time, Nicholas' flesh seemed to have turned into nothingness.

Zen and Rocher both felt a strong pull, dragging them into Nicholas' body.

Rocher t

would have to wait for an opportunity.

Keeping this in mind, he brandished the Spear of Supreme Harmony unhurriedly and prepared to leave through the space channel.

"Samuel, can you please take me with you? I will absolutely express my gratitude after we return to the Floating Islands," a long-haired warrior begged Samuel.

He was a Demi-holy Being from the Bai Clan.

Seeing that everyone was trapped in this vortex, he knew that his strength wouldn't be enough to escape on his own. After witnessing how the woman took Zen and the others away, he decided to ask Samuel's help to leave together in the same way.

Samuel only snorted in reply. Technically, there was no reason why he needed to help this guy. As the internal momentum of the Space Godly Way emitted from his body, he immediately disappeared on the spot.

Moving along the space channel, he suddenly bumped into an invisible wall. With a muffled grunt, he stumbled out from the space channel.

The expression on his face changed dramatically as he looked around once.

Apparently, he failed to leave through the space channel. He was still inside the vortex!

Standing on the other side, the woman, Zen, Rocher and Sword Chen all had a terrible look on their faces.

"We can't escape through the space channel," the woman concluded with a frown.

Looking back at Nicholas from a distance, Sword Chen took a deep breath. "Are we really going to die here today?" he asked, sighing helplessly.

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