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   Chapter 2828 The Rebellion

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Seeing that Zen had blocked his Dark and Light Destruction Sword, Nicholas was a bit shocked.

When he came to his senses, the Dark and Light Destruction Sword suddenly twisted. Like a nimble little snake, it snuck away from Zen's Shadow Bearing Sword, stabbing his head.

Despite the attack, Zen looked calm. Lifting his Shadow Bearing Sword, he pushed away Nicholas' strike.

Bang, bang, bang!

They were already close to each other to fight.

Zen launched again, his strike appearing very decisively and skillfully, while Nicholas swung his sword lightly and constantly.

Although Nicholas could see through the future, Zen was using this to his advantage by observing his memory.

As they fought, their sword moves seemed to be set in advance. They appeared like long-time buddies who were practicing their sword skills together.

The people around them gaped as they watched, thinking they were really just sparring with each other.


Every time Zen waved his sword, its energy mixed with that of the red lotuses which coiled around the body of the Shadow Bearing Sword, making it even more powerful.

Although the Dark and Light Destruction Sword was extremely powerful, its black and white light trembled and then dimmed each time it collided with Zen's Shadow Bearing Sword.

If this continued, the Dark and Light Destruction Sword would collapse sooner or later.

Realizing this, Zen grew braver and more formidable.

Nicholas's eyebrows wrinkled slightly. He tried his best to keep a calm expression, though he was starting to worry. If this continued, his Dark and Light Destruction Sword would not be able to hold on.

The red lotuses were not very terrifying, but when they were combined with the internal momentum controlled by Zen, Nicholas found them difficult to resist.

'What the hell! How could he do that?'

When Zen knew what Nicholas was thinking, his attack was even more violent.




He struck three times in a row. Even though Nicholas blocked the middle strike, the sword's radiance on both sides still spread out at an incredible speed.

Nicholas continued to retreat. At the same time, the light of the Dark and Light Destruction Sword continued to grow dimmer.

If the fight went on, he was bound

. He was about to move and join hands with Rocher.

But Rocher shifted and pointed his sword's tip at Nicholas.

The other people in the void, including Samuel and that woman, gasped.

Their faces were filled with confusion as they watched what had been happening.

Of course, everyone had a different mood.

"Lowell? Why is he pointing his sword at Nicholas?"

"Isn't he the consummate True God of the Dongfang Clan?"

"Troy has been skeptical of Lowell before, saying there is something wrong with his origin. I can't believe that his suspicions are right."

Rachelle was close to Troy, so she knew his doubts before. But the Dongfang Clan's affair was not something that others would casually ask about. Now Troy was dead, and there was indeed something wrong with Lowell.

"Lowell, what do you mean?"

Nicholas got gloomy upon seeing Rocher's action. He immediately thought of Troy.

He was previously approached by Troy as he was skeptical about Rocher's origin, but he didn't take it seriously. He thought that Troy just felt that his position was threatened by Rocher, so he was jealous of him. It was naturally for him to hate him.

The point was that in Nicholas' opinion, he was still able to suppress Rocher who had the strange background. After all, Rocher was only a consummate True God.

Even the Demi-holy Beings and Holy Beings would be controlled by him, let alone the consummate True Gods.

However, Nicholas was shocked as he hadn't expected that he would encounter such a matter.

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