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   Chapter 2827 The Dark And Light Destruction Sword

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By now, Sword Chen had acquired almost all the power in the black water.

It would be safe to assume that he was now the master of the black water, replacing the woman.


His eyes were devoid of any emotions as he looked around, gently flipping his long sword. The internal momentum of Emotion Closing Godly Way was mixed with a strong force of primitive fear.

"Gods-intimidating Strike!"


Sword Chen thrust out his sword horizontally as he shouted.

As all of the force of primitive fear erupted, a ray of sword radiance spread out. With width stretching to tens of thousands of feet, it cut at the huge shadow at an incredible speed.

Its brown sword radiance swept past the shadow's arms and body before it moved forward in the void.

Feeling the power of the advancing sword radiance, all the Holy Beings, Demi-holy Beings and the consummate True Gods along the way were secretly frightened by this move.

Was this a sword strike from a Demi-holy Being?

For some reason, their experience during the trip to the Abyss Demon Region had greatly subverted their cognition about strength.

Sword Chen's sword had completely vanished the shadow now.

Watching from afar, Nicholas couldn't hide his disappointment. He didn't pay much attention to this man all this while. Looking at him now, Nicholas remembered how he looked exactly like the dead bodies buried at the foot of the snow mountain.

Why did this man suddenly appear out of nowhere? Why did it seem like he was able to fully borrow the woman's power?

"Well, it doesn't change anything." Nicholas still regarded these people as insignificant as ants. After Sword Chen had employed all his strength to his strike, Nicholas was sure he could no longer resist.

Stretching out his hand upward, Nicholas made another shadow appear to attack Sword Chen.

Sword Chen was now in the state of Emotion Closing. His face remained calm as he awaited the attack. Then, putting his sword horizontally, he started to launch the second strike.

The woman watched with a displeased expression. She couldn't always rely on Sword Chen. Although the black water was filled with massive force of pri

ack and white sword formed.


Lifting the black and white sword, Nicholas aimed it towards Zen.

The Dark and Light Destruction Sword could stop the reincarnation of life and death, giving full play to the Truth of Dark and Light Chaos. Even if the red lotuses could light all the energies, Nicholas was confident that his sword could cut them off.

Before Nicholas launched his attack, Zen's expression changed slightly. Being able to read Nicholas' memory, he saw that the red lotuses couldn't burn Nicholas' black and white sword. As Nicholas hacked his long sword down, he had cut off all the red lotuses, turning them into flames.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

In a few moments, what Zen saw really happened.

Waving his long two-colored sword, Nicholas cut off all the red lotuses, and then rushed to directly attack Zen.

"Now, let's see how you block my strike!" Nicholas said coldly.

He had paid a heavy price to get the sword. He was determined to get back at Zen.

The Dark and Light Destruction Sword could stop birth and death, destroying everything. No one, not even Zen, could resist his sword attack.

Right after Nicholas' banter, a crisp sound echoed.

Holding his long sword horizontally, Zen stood and blocked Nicholas' sword.

It was true that the Dark and Light Destruction Sword was powerful enough to chop the red lotuses off, but it could not damage the Shadow Bearing Sword that Harper had given to Zen.

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