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   Chapter 2826 Borrowing Strength

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Upon hearing Zen's authoritative voice, the woman had no other choice but to create another space channel. She gritted her teeth while doing it.

In an instant, she, together with Samuel's clone, disappeared from Zen's side.

As the two of them disappeared, the big hand reappeared and swung at Zen, trying to take a hold of his head.

At that moment, Zen's eyes suddenly flashed bright red. It was as if they were made of rubies.


Slowly, the girl with red eyes and hair emerged and silently floated behind him.

He began to stretch out his hand, and as he did, a thin line of red lotuses appeared on his arm. Then, out of nowhere, they shot towards the direction of the big hand of the shadow.

The girl had already integrated with him, and they had started to partake in each other's energies.

Since the girl's energy hadn't been used up, Zen didn't need to use his internal momentum to produce the red lotuses.

The exact moment the red lotuses touched the shadow, an incredibly strong reaction took place.

Since the shadow that was summoned by Nicholas was also some kind of energy, the red lotuses were able to transform it into another type of energy. In the eyes of an untrained warrior, the shadow just caught on fire.


In the blink of an eye, the shadow that was over 60, 000 feet tall started burning, upping the temperature around it into unfathomable levels. Everyone and everything near it was scrambling to flee to safety.

But due to a special method done by Nicholas, despite the giant shadow being tall, it didn't have too much energy. Because of that, its fiery threat only lasted for a couple of seconds and immediately disappeared.

After successfully defeating the giant shadow, Zen glanced over his shoulder. When he saw what was happening, his expression darkened.

It turned out that while he was battling the giant shadow, Nicholas had already summoned another one to deal with the woman.


The moment the woman came out, a huge hand was already patting her head.

She had seen the power of the shadow before. As she could not avoid it, a fierce and determined look flashed across her eyes and she began gathering the force of primitive fear in the black water.

"Break it!"

With those words, she

lp the woman.

Unfortunately, Sword Chen was not able to stop the giant shadow for good. It once again raised its hand and launched an attack towards the woman.

This time, however, she didn't dare to ask Samuel's clone to use the Grand Teleportation, which would only make her more passive.

But then she still was unable to withstand the attack against her. With a slight frown, her eyes became filled with dread and anxiety.

Just then, Sword Chen shouted, "Black water! Draw the force of primitive fear in the black water and give it to me!"

He had already inserted one hundred and twenty-eight long swords at the bottom of the black water but he could only use a small part of the force of primitive fear.

That was why he was trying his best to produce the most terrifying power of force of primitive fear. He had already managed to perfectly mix the force of primitive fear with the Emotion Closing Godly Way over the years.

If he could use all the force of primitive fear, he would be able to maximize its power.

Of course, the woman was also well aware of that.

After all, she had used over a hundred thousand Sword Chen's clones, and she had used the force of primitive fear to reinforce the strength of those clones.

So she did not hesitate when Sword Chen made the request.

More than one hundred vortexes suddenly appeared in the originally calm black water. The force of primitive fear contained in it was constantly poured into the one hundred and twenty-eight long swords of Sword Chen.

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