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   Chapter 2823 Dark Light Word Transformation

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Rising up in the sky, Zen paced in the air in this void.

But every time he started to attack, he stopped after finishing only half of it.

Having fought with Nicholas for ten times in the future, Zen had also stopped an attack ten times in a row by now. Each time he kept seeing the scene of his future failure.

The Eight Diagrams condensed by Nicholas was like an indestructible millstone.

It was true that Zen's physical body had improved greatly and he could even travel through the Sea of Truth. However, it was still impossible for him to withstand the Eight Diagrams.

After thirteen attempts, Nicholas closed his eyes, making the light in them fade away.

Knowing that Zen could see through his memory, he no longer tried to see the scenes in the future.

Smiling faintly, Nicholas said, "Time is a very interesting thing. If I don't let you take a peek into the future, that makes it indefinite. You can attack me now."

The scene appearing in Nicholas' visions would surely happen. In other words, once Zen took action, he would definitely lose the fight.

But if he stopped looking into the future, the future would be unpredictable.

Even though Nicholas said so, Zen still didn't make a move. As he stood there and stared at Nicholas, a hint of hesitation reflected in his eyes.

"You dare not?" Nicholas teased with a faint smile.

He then raised his arm gently.

Truth of Dark and Light Chaos slowly flowed out from his hand.


Constantly gathering above Nicholas, the black aura flowed clockwise, while the white one slowly flowed the other way. Since Zen refused to attack, Nicholas would make his move first.

In reality, Nicholas was only afraid of the True Demon Body, together with its demonic red lotuses and cold ice flowers.

He knew that the two forms of the True Demon Body were connected to each other, thus, their energy could be mutually transformed and never be exhausted. This made it invincible.

However, after the connection between the two had been cut off by Samuel, Nicholas was given a chance to display his power. Moreover, the other form of True Demon Body was now in Lowell's hands.

As the Truth of Dark and Light Chaos continuously flowed,

But I made a good friend on the Sea of Truth and he helped me a lot. After the Dark Light World Transformation has been passed to me, it enabled me to transform any world and make it for my own use."

As a matter of fact, it was not easy to cross the Sea of Truth, even for the geniuses in the Source World.

For example, Zen met several inner disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace, but they were still stuck in the first section of the Sea of Truth, and even Zen had not really passed that part.

The further it went, the more challenging the journey was. There were some people whose Truth Boats were destroyed in the Sea of Truth and their Souls of light were shattered.

The ninth section of the Sea of Truth was the most difficult, which was why more than ninety percent of True Gods were stuck near the ninth section.

People who had reached the ninth section of the Sea of Truth were considered to be half step into the Other Shore Realm. However, there was a world of difference between them and the real masters at the Other Shore Realm.

As a rare genius in the divine land, Nicholas grabbed the opportunity to make friends with talents in the Source World.

The Dark Light World Transformation technique had been passed down to him from a friend.

However, using this method might also cause him a great harm. It would even affect his Truth Boat and delay him in crossing the Sea of Truth.

If he hadn't been forced to the corner, Nicholas wouldn't have used it.

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