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   Chapter 2822 A Fight That Would Have Happened

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Only about twenty years had passed since he attacked Zen with his sword strike in Mike's universe.

To the Holy Beings, twenty years were almost negligible in comparison to their long lives.

Zen, who had been considered as insignificant as ants by Murphy, had then grown to such a high level.

Finally meeting each other once again, the tables had turned. Zen's huge body now made Murphy as insignificant as ants, which was simply ironic.


Calling out with concern, Rachelle quickly flew upward and stood protectively before her father.

After Zen had returned to the divine land some time earlier, many consummate True Gods had witnessed Zen's great strength. At that time, Zen was already able to defeat the consummate True Gods with ease, and his strength was comparable to that of a Demi-holy Being.

And with his strength greatly improved once again, even Murphy wasn't able to withstand Zen's punch.

He was now so powerful that both the consummate True Gods and the Demi-holy Beings had to look up at him.

Apparently, Zen's control over the True Demon Body had upset the two other people present.

One of them was Samuel.

Knowing that he cut off the connection between the two girls, he believed that he was more deserving of the True Demon Body in the ice coffin.

Unexpectedly, he ended up with nothing. One of the girls was obtained by Lowell, while the other one belonged to Zen.

With this thought in mind, he was especially disgruntled at Zen's luck.

Witnessing how Zen was surrounded by red lotuses, everyone believed that he had been burnt to death. However, that was not the case. Samuel couldn't understand how he could have shown up again, safe and sound.

On the other hand, the woman was overwhelmed with mixed feelings as well.

Her goal was to obtain the True Demon Body. She had tried countless times, but in the end, all her efforts had turned out to be a paving stone for others.

Despite her failure, she felt pleased to learn that Zen was still alive. After all, she was born out of the resentment after the extinction of the Nine Li race. Knowing that Zen had survived, she was pleased that at least one descendant of the Nine Li race would remain.


Stretching out his hand, Zen suddenly grabbed Murphy.

Surprised, Rachelle gritted her teeth and defended her father by standing before him.

But how would she be able to resist Zen now?


A go

c that he summoned was extremely sharp, it should destroy Zen's arm like a spiraling millstone.

However, Zen had already seen the same pictures from Nicholas' memory.

Theoretically speaking, they had already fought once in the past 'future'. Since Nicholas had predicted the result, and Zen could read his memory, he had to give up his attack knowing it would be a failure.

Therefore, this round of fight, which was supposed to have happened, would no longer be a reality.

Frowning slightly, Zen took another step. He chose to attack from the right this time. But halfway through his attack, he suddenly stopped again.

This signified a second round of a "could have been" that didn't come into reality.

With a complacent smile, Nicholas said, "Your body seemed to have been refined and enhanced, but you are underestimating me if you think you can defeat me with your physical strength!"

After all, Nicholas was the head of the Holy Beings.

In the Abyss Demon Region where the Grand Teleportation technique could not be used, the Spear of Supreme Harmony worked to Samuel's great advantage. In addition, the flames and ice created by the two girls had made it easier for him to kill members of the powerful clans.

Anyway, it still would not be easy for Samuel or Zen to kill Nicholas easily.

From the eyes of their spectators, the fight between Zen and Nicholas that did not happen was so bizarre. The only person who could understand their strange behavior was Samuel, since he was also able to read Nicholas' Memory Flame. Each time, he could see the pictures of their fight that didn't come into reality.

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