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   Chapter 2821 A New Path

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As Murphy had continuously fired out many complicated spells, the black sword that he held in his hand flashed once.

Not long after, a black crystal shield had been formed before Murphy's body.


The shield had intercepted the huge fire fist that had been rapidly rushing towards Murphy. After a few moments, the crystal shield shattered and disappeared after it had merged with the fire.

The crystal shield had somehow reduced the flames' power, and the huge fire fist immediately shrunk to about a tenth of its original size.

Murphy had kept casting his spells with a dire expression on his face. After the first crystal shield had disappeared, the black sword in his hand flashed again, and instantly, another black crystal shield materialized in front of him.


The second crystal shield had been smashed to pieces immediately as soon as it was formed.

The same thing happened to the third, fourth, fifth...

The crystal shields hadn't been able to withstand the impact of the fire fist at all, but at least they had been able to shrink the fire fist bit by bit every time they intercepted it.

Murphy had to condense these crystal shields; otherwise, he was the one who took damage.

His body wouldn't have been able to survive the impact if he had been directly hit by the fire fist. The only thing he had been able to do was give his full force in an attempt to put out the flames.

As the Spirit Annihilating Sword's power was used in such a way, it sapped a great deal of Murphy's energy.

More black crystal shields were released continuously, and the strain of this effort was evident on Murphy's face which had turned deathly pale.

When he was near his power's limit, he bit the tip of his tongue and spat a mouthful of blood essence onto the Spirit Annihilating Sword.

A dark aura briefly surrounded the surface of the Spirit Annihilating Sword. Murphy then hurled the sword downwards.


The flames had been finally thoroughly extinguished.

Suddenly, in place of the fire fist, there appeared a giant golden fist that steadily grew at an alarming rate.

Murphy caught sight of it and his eyes widened in disbelief.


All of the consummate True Gods, including Rachelle, had also been taken aback.

The power of the fiery red lotuses had been known to all of them. If Holy Beings had fallen into them, they would be reduced to dust in an instant regardless of how powerful they were.

Most people thought that Zen had already died when he fell into the red lotuses.

physical bodies to cross the Sea of Truth. There was a great probability that they had the same kind of Truth of Godly Way.

"You may say so, but it's not exactly right." After a bit of hesitation, No. 9527 continued, "The ancient gods learned the Truth of Powerful Holy Body. When the Wild Gods had cultivated to the maximum level, they were able to master the Truth of Powerful Holy Body, cross the Sea of Truth, and set their feet upon the Other Shore. Unfortunately, this method hasn't been effective recently. You now possess a unique Truth of Godly Way, different from the ancient gods."

Since there had been no way to learn the Truth of Powerful Holy Body, and even the Ancient God Cultivation Method had been of no use, it was eventually replaced by the Grand World Cultivation Method.

After Zen had achieved the refinement for turning his body into a weapon, he seemed to have triggered an alternative way for body refining. With the assistance of the Ancient God Cultivation Method, he had been able to open up a new path that bypassed the third truth which had been applied to the whole chaos.

After Zen consulted No. 9527 briefly, he stared at Murphy nearby and told him, "In the universe back then, you launched a sword attack on me. If it were not for Estelle, I would have died. Now, I reciprocated your sword attack with this punch!"

With a gargantuan body, Zen's voice had been quite loud. It spread through the expanse of space, and everyone heard it as though it was thunder.

Murphy floated quietly in the open space. Compared to Zen's gigantic body, it was as if he was only as small as an ant even though he was a Holy Being.

He was badly hurt both physically and mentally.

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