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   Chapter 2820 Fire Punch

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Finally establishing a connection with the blue-eyed girl, Rocher immediately felt her sense of hunger.

He felt her thirst for power rapidly growing.

Since her connection with the red-eyed girl had been cut off, she was unable to replenish all the energy her body released earlier. Now she was extremely "hungry" for an energy source.

Feeling this emotion, Rocher released the internal momentum from his cinnabar field and passed it to the blue-eyed girl.


As a blue light flashed from the girl's eyes, the cold ice flowers started spreading out of her body. These ice flowers were transformed by Rocher's internal momentum.

Although there weren't many ice flowers that appeared, they were enough to cover both Rocher and her, protecting them from everyone's attack.

Pascal, who was controlled by Samuel, tried to stab them with his sword but failed. Seeing the ice flowers surrounding the girl again, he had to ask Pascal to retreat.

Rocher had fully taken control of the blue-eyed girl now. Only the red-eyed girl remained unaffected.

After the connection between the two girls had been broken, Samuel only needed to make the red-eyed girl release all her energy, and then he could refine her.

Shaking the Spear of Supreme Harmony to create a space channel to cover Pascal, Samuel drew him to his side, prompting him to look towards the red-eyed girl's direction. However, he was shocked to see what was happening.

It turned out that while Samuel and that woman fought over the blue-eyed girl, some people targeted the red-eyed girl instead, knowing the competition would have less complications.

However, the red-eyed girl was now covered by a large sea of red lotuses. No one could really confirm what the situation inside was, just by looking from the outside.

"The red-eyed girl's energy is now limited. As long as these red lotus flowers are consumed, we may be able to capture her,"

Rachelle, who was holding two short swords in her hands, commented. Her swords began to emit two rays of blood light.


Both swords flew towards the sea of red lotuses.


These two short swords that Rachelle possessed were also ranked at the top among the weapons in the divine land. However, as soon as they touched the red lotus flow

who should get out of here." The woman smiled faintly. Flicking her fingertips, she turned the wisps of brown energy into many slender short swords.

At the same time, Samuel's duplicate stood behind her and thrust his spear, making a space channel appear and pierce towards Samuel. As a result, the short swords were sent over through the space channel.

Shocked, Samuel had no choice but to activate the Spear of Supreme Harmony and fight.

The two fought fiercely. Murphy felt pleased while watching. He jumped up and floated in the sky above the red lotus flowers, quickly extracting the internal momentum in his body.


Swinging the Spirit Annihilating Sword, he launched another attack.

This time, the sword attack was more powerful than the previous one, as he was determined to annihilate all these red lotus flowers.

The sword shot from the top towards the bottom.

The blade cut through the red lotus flowers below, but suddenly a strange phenomenon appeared.

All of a sudden, the red lotus flowers gathered together and burned.

They all turned into bones. The flames then transformed into blood and flesh, forming a huge fist.


The burning air surged up, instantly swallowing up the radiance released by Murphy's Spirit Annihilating Sword, and smashed against him at the same time.

"What's this?"

Murphy's eyes were filled with astonishment, as he knew that getting hit by this punch might cost him his life.

As he retreated, he employed many complicated techniques.

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