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   Chapter 2819 Unable To Attack

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The man who launched the sword attack was Rocher.

The fight in the void was quite fierce. Rocher knew very well to himself that he couldn't directly fight with the Holy Beings. Although he had some secret weapon to rely on, he didn't get involved before.

Seeing that Samuel used his Spear of Supreme Harmony to slash and almost slaughter everyone, he chose to immediately stay away.

He fled a distance away and surprisingly noticed another person. It was Pascal.

Since the very beginning, Pascal had never gotten involved with the fights. He quietly stayed far away like a puppet.

Rocher observed him further, and an idea formed into his mind.

The truth was that the True Demon Body could only be inherited by a consummate True God. No matter how powerful Samuel was, it would be impossible for him to inherit the True Demon Body by himself.

As for the Han Clan, the only person they could rely on was Pascal.

Thinking of this, Rocher lurked and stayed near him.

The result of the fight was exactly the same as what he had expected. Samuel had successfully obtained the True Demon Body in the fight.

Rocher's plan all along was to precisely choose this timing to attack.


When Nicholas saw this scene, a touch of joy appeared on his face.

He didn't expect that Lowell was so vigilant that he had waited by Pascal's side in advance.

They knew that Pascal was not himself and was completely controlled by Samuel.

Seeing Rocher's sword radiance, Samuel frowned and had to dodge it. He immediately conveyed the idea to Pascal.

Pascal was quick to turn around and step back, managing to dodge the slash.

Rocher transformed into a beam of light and flew towards the girl with blue eyes, pulling her into his arms.

"Go to hell!"

Samuel cursed. His face turned cold when he saw Rocher's actions.

He stabbed the Spear of Supreme Harmony in his hand in the air.


A space wave spread out.

He wanted to pull the blue eyed girl and Lowell over.

However, the woman was at the same time quick to act as well. When Samuel stabbed his spear out, she had also given instructions to his clone to do the same.

Two space waves rushed to Rocher.


The two space waves collided against each other and were then neutralized.

Rocher knew that

sword was getting closer and closer to him, he frowned slightly and his eyes flashed a sharp light.

A milky white light rose from the surface of his body.

The short sword in Pascal's hand was already at a close distance to Rocher's body, but he strangely discovered that no matter how hard he tried, the sword could not stab Rocher. It seemed like there was an invisible barrier in between.

"What's going on?"

Samuel was flustered at the change of situation. He was still standing far away and had a puzzled look on his face.

At this moment, he had an illusion that Pascal was disobeying his order.

As his puppet, how could Pascal disobey his order?

"Kill him!"

Without any clue, Samuel urged further and gave the order in his mind.

Pascal had now used both hands to hold the short sword, and fiercely stabbed Rocher's back.

The short sword, which flickered with the five colored sword radiance, was already only half an inch away from Rocher. But then the tip of the sword desperately shook. In such a short distance, however, no matter how hard Pascal tried, he just couldn't give a blow. It was useless.

"Will you protect me?"

the blue eyed girl then spoke after Rocher had carefully soothed her.

She felt even more insecure than the red eyed girl.

"Of course I will," Rocher answered with a smile.

"That's great."

Just then, he felt that the blue eyed girl opened her heart to him and at the same time, a unique energy began to blend. A connection was quickly formed between him and the girl.

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