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   Chapter 2815 The Oneness Sky Palace

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A milky white bright moon hung over the top of the Oneness Sky Palace.

Looking down from the sky road above, one could see tens of thousands of mountains penetrating into the clouds.

Every mountain was likened to a towering sharp sword. On the tip of each mountain were significant words engraved on it.

Together, these words would be read as 'Truth of Eternal Sword Intent'.

Every year in the early spring, the inner disciples of the Oneness Sky Palace would have the opportunity to observe from the sky road above. It was the day they would study and comprehend the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent.

While they observed, the masters would give enlightenment and teach them about its main points.

The disciples depended on their abilities to grasp the teachings. Those with talent and great luck would be able to come out on top in this period of time.

Once an inner disciple had fully grasped the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent, and at the same time had successfully stepped into the Sea of Truth, they would certainly get the attention of the Oneness Sky Palace.

Currently at this moment, over 400, 000 inner disciples were still trying their hardest to understand the words.

They were focused on their own ways to study the words as they persisted to hold on. Some were chanting and some stood with their eyes open wide.



Understanding the Truth of Godly Way by force would put a lot of pressure on the soul.

Although the inner disciples had become consummate True Gods and had the Soul of Light, they still couldn't bear the pressure of the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent. As a result, their bodies gave way as they rolled their eyes and fainted on the ground.

"Whoosh, whoosh..."

Some Taoist priests in cyan robes flew and came over. They carried the fainted inner disciples out of the ring.

At the front end of the sky road, there were sixteen inner disciples who were quietly seated.

They had successfully built their Truth Boats and sailed on the Sea of Truth. Unlike the over 400, 000 inner disciples, they had taken a big step forward.

They were considered as an inspiration as other inner disciples constantly looked at them from time to time, their eyes full of admiration.

"Alas. I have been here for 36 years. In the very first year when Stanley and Terence set foot on the sky road, they wen

r return."

Back in the Sea of Truth, Stanley and the others were still watching the scene, cursing Terence in their hearts.

If Zen vented his anger on them, he would destroy their Truth Boats.

It might be troublesome but since they had already mastered the Truth of Eternal Sword Intent, it was not difficult for them to condense other Truth Boats.

None of them dared and wanted to provoke Zen, so they all kept their silence.

"I didn't make things difficult for you, but he gave me problems. I have every reason to smash his boat, right?" Zen flatly said as he turned his attention to the group. He was still soaked in the sea.

The group heard him but didn't respond. Stanley heaved a sigh of relief, and then hurriedly bowed to Zen. "Yes, sir. Terence shouldn't have been so reckless. His boat was smashed. He deserved it!"

"Right. Terence is usually a rude man. He deserved the punishment from you!" Sophia chimed in.

Although Zen could not see the faces of these people, he could roughly sense that they should also be consummate True Gods. Feeling their sincerity in treating him respectfully, he couldn't help a suppressed giggle.

No. 9527 told him a reminder to not expose himself. In order to do so, he didn't want to talk to them too much, so he waved his hand and said, "Okay, you can go now."

Hearing his words, Stanley and the others felt relieved as they were not to be implicated any more.

Every one of them hurriedly sat cross-legged and meditated. They urged their Truth Boats to move on the Sea of Truth. Their journey continued.

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