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   Chapter 2814 The Broken Boat

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These sixteen disciples from the Oneness Sky Palace were known to be strong. They were the ones who stood out in the sky road.

It was the first time that their Souls of Light had left their bodies to wander in the Sea of Truth.

They had cultivated their souls into Souls of Light and had already built their Truth Boats, but it was not easy to sail on the Sea of Truth. Just the wind from the Sea of Truth alone would make many people's souls tremble.

Ten of the sixteen warriors' souls lay down on the boats without even raising their heads. The pressure was heavy and they could not stand the wind blowing from the Sea of Truth.

While the remaining six warriors appeared fearless and boldly stood at the bow of their boats. They were at the top among their group.

If they developed in the future, they would become the pride of the Oneness Sky Palace in the future.

"Stanley! Can you see clearly where this person comes from? He is floating still on the sea. Is he dead?" A girl's beautiful voice rang out from a boat.

Stanley Ming stared at the figure in the sea and frowned, his hands behind his back.

Hearing the question from the woman, he immediately shook his head. "It's impossible. The Sea of Truth can destroy any soul. Even if one's soul has reached the Soul of Light, their soul would be gone once it falls into the sea. If they are dead, then how can there be any corpses?"

Everyone entered the Sea of Truth in the form of soul. How could there be a corpse? Wasn't it absurd?

He wanted to see the features of the person in the sea, but he couldn't even clearly see his companions in the Sea of Truth. He could only recognize the girl through her voice. So it was a wishful thinking for him to make out the figure's appearance.

Zen floated in the Sea of Truth and did not say anything, but the people's conversations clearly reached his ears.

Looking at their perfect Truth Boats, Zen was a little envious. If he could fully grasp the Truth of Cultivation Nature, he assumed that he would also be able to create such a boat...

"Ha-ha, Sophia. If you want to know whether this guy is alive or not, why not just test it out?" a robust figure suggested as he laughed.

Hearing this, Sophia kept silent and did not respond. The robust man had an extraordinary background and enjoyed privileges in the Oneness Sky Palace. He had already been pestering her a lot these days


He instantly paled as he looked over. He attempted to suppress the fear in his heart and sat cross legged, activating the Truth of Godly Way to drive his Truth Boat to go faster.

Zen was not lenient and was definitely irritated by the rash attack!

As he swam in the magma sea, he felt strong pain. Despite that, he just gritted his teeth and moved very fast, faster than the Truth Boats!

Although Terence Xi had made great effort to make his boat move faster, the driving power of the Truth Boat depended solely on his will. No matter how hard he tried, it was still not fast enough.

In the blink of an eye, Zen had caught up with him!


Zen threw a punch towards his Truth Boat without a word of warning.

The Truth Boat was an illusion formed by relying on Truth of Godly Way. It was as fragile as glass in front of Zen's physical body. His punch had easily created a hole in the Truth Boat.

As a result, the small Truth Boat quickly tilted and fell towards the Sea of Truth.

Terence Xi on the boat was scared out of wits as he didn't know what to do. If the boat fell into the Sea of Truth, his Soul of Light would dissolve into nothingness. He would be done for!

He was still in panic until he heard Stanley Ming shout, "Hurry up! Crush the Illusion Breaking Rune!"

Hearing Stanley's words, he was immediately reminded about their way of escape in times of danger. He hurriedly brought out the Illusion Breaking Rune he had and crushed it with all his might. Before completely falling into the Sea of Truth, he disappeared in front of Zen along with his boat.

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