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   Chapter 2812 A Sea Of Crimson Magma

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The woman charged towards Samuel. With the brown energy gathered in her hand that turned into a long saber, she slashed him in a flash.

The strike was quick and fierce, taking Samuel by surprise. It was too late when he realized that the blade had already pricked his skin.

The force of primitive fear took over Samuel in an instant, its effect stunning him in place.

During this critical moment, he gritted his teeth and activated the Spear of Supreme Harmony.

The spear carried him away, leaving a few streaks of blood flowing on the woman's long brown saber.


In the blink of an eye, Samuel was carried over ten thousand feet away from where he had been. Putting his finger on the wound, he tried to extract the force of primitive fear in his body. Staring at the woman, he shouted, "We are not enemies. Why did you attack me?"

Right now, the only thing he feared the most was his clone.

The Grand Teleportation could move the Holy Beings to any places as they wished, making it impossible for them to kill each other.

It was conceivable that Samuel, with the use of his Spear of Supreme Harmony, had gotten the edge on the others.

In the past, he couldn't resist so many Holy Beings, but now he was able to make the two girls his best weapons.

The only problem was, his clone also had a Spear of Supreme Harmony.

Staring coldly at Samuel from far away, the woman called out, "You shouldn't have killed Zen!"

"Zen?" Samuel was a little surprised. Although the woman had always protected Zen, he didn't think he was important. After thinking for a moment, he replied, "Zen is just another consummate True God. Why should I care if he dies?"

Just now, more than a dozen consummate True Gods were already killed by Samuel.

The woman couldn't hide the anger flashing on her face upon hearing Samuel's answer. "For you, he may just be an ordinary consummate True God, but for me, he is very important!"

The next second, Samuel's clone stretched out his arm, waving his Spear of Supreme Harmony.

From not so far away, an arc-shaped space channel was shrouded in ice flowers. With a thud sound, those fatal ice flowers spread alo


In her perspective, all the things in this world could be converted into energy, which she could then accelerate to the extreme to make the beautiful red lotuses.

There shouldn't be any exception in the entire divine land. Also, she was born to do this.

However, before she left her "home", she saw an exception - this young man in front of her.

He was shining with golden light, unafraid of the red lotuses. Instead, he was eating them.

The red-eyed girl could not obtain external information. Since her intelligence was only made up from fragmented information, she made her strange judgment just by watching Zen.

"Why are you swallowing these red lotuses? Are we of the same kind?" she asked, confused.

Zen did not seem to hear her.

Being burnt by the fire, the Sanskrit words started a magical reaction again. He then found himself in the sea.

It was a sea of crimson magma.

The sea undulated in front of Zen, sending off mysterious auras. He stared at it and wondered, "These auras seem very similar to the Truth of Godly Way. But at the same time, they are quite different. Am I at the Sea of Truth?"

Zen shook his head.

Back when he was cultivating the Truth of Cultivation Nature, he could vaguely sense the existence of the Sea of Truth.

With that being said, he had a completely different perception of how the Sea of Truth would be like. It wasn't the same as the one right in front of him now.

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