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   Chapter 2810 Samuel's Ambition

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The red lotuses that surrounded Zen quickly turned into a sea of fire.

Shining bright like the sun, its fiery light threatened to burn the eyes of anyone who would dare to take a glance at it.

Using one's spiritual sense wouldn't help, and it would also be burnt to ashes. It was impossible to find out whether Zen was fine.

"Samuel, why did you do that?"

Nicholas asked with a frown.

He wanted to kill Zen as soon as possible, but Samuel's abnormal behavior led him to doubt him as well.

"Nicholas, I just have a grudge against that guy," Samuel sneered. As he tightened his grip on the Spear of Supreme Harmony, a powerful force of Space Law began to spread out from his location.

Samuel had planned to take action after most of the members from the powerful clans on the Floating Islands died. However, since both that woman and Nicholas already forced him to fight, he had no other choice but to make a move against them.


With that, Samuel stepped forward.

As the power of the Space Law emerged from the surface of the Spear of Supreme Harmony, he had already appeared behind the girl with the blue eyes.

Though these two girls had terrible means, they only had the intelligence of a four or five-year-old child after all.

Since Samuel had the formidable Spear of Supreme Harmony, both girls could not pose any threat to him at all. Instead, they became his most powerful weapons!

Secretly descending behind the girl with blue eyes, Samuel looked towards Nicholas with a sneer. "But I have a deeper grudge against you!"

With that, he once again stabbed the girl with blue eyes with the Spear of Supreme Harmony.


The Spear of Supreme Harmony created a space channel, immediately devouring the blue-eyed girl afterwards.

The next moment, the girl with blue eyes was sent beside Nicholas.

A cold air spread out from her body, as countless ice flowers surrounded her, completely freezing all the energy around her.

Nicholas was slightly stunned upon hearing Samuel's resentful words. He was not expecting that from him.

Seeing Samuel stab the spear towards the girl with blue eyes, Nicholas seemed to have guessed his next move. Shocked,

Nicholas asked, raising his eyebrows slightly.

It was believed that Gregorio's Stone Mouse was related with reincarnation. That Stone Mouse could be reborn, but Nicholas never imagined that it could help Gregorio be reincarnated with the Memory Flame.

"In other words, you have been reincarnated to the Han Clan and also become a Holy Being." Nicholas murmured, "But you didn't seem to realize that you are Gregorio before, right?"

Samuel was very arrogant when he just became a Holy Being. He had no intention of joining the alliance of powerful clans, and his attitude had changed only during these few decades.

Nicholas was puzzled about this fact.

"Yes, I really didn't realize it in the past," Samuel said and laughed coldly. "It is the Stone Mouse that has awakened my memory. Are you still feeling confused? I can tell you all about it, as I won't let you die without making sure you know everything."

Staring at Samuel, Nicholas said with a grin, "Are you so confident in killing me?"

The Spear of Supreme Harmony that Samuel was holding started trembling suddenly, its black shadow spreading out. The Spear of Supreme Harmony didn't just have the ability to activate the spatial transference. It contained great power too.

Samuel started to laugh coldly. "Killing you is just a starting point. After I inherit the True Demon Body, I will destroy all Floating Islands and universes. By then, no one in the entire divine land will be on par with me!"

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