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Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom...

The dozens of Holy Beings, Demi-holy Beings, and the consummate True Gods had joined forces to strike an attack. Even the powerful masters at the Other Shore Realm would have been shattered into tiny bits by this attack.

However, the blue light ball was still floating in the air motionlessly and without any damage. The attacks had been absorbed and were then transformed into the red light ball.

Red flames were formed and they roiled wildly with the red light ball like waves.

If one would look closely, a faint figure would be seen. One could see that a body of a girl was inside the ball, and was also rolling madly.

The red light ball had swollen up a little bit more.

"That's not enough! Everyone... Please do your best!" the woman ordered, raising her eyebrows at the scene.

The clones under her command were naturally obedient after hearing the order. They once again prepared for another attack.

Clark's clone acted first as he patted slightly on his waist and a small bronze wine cup flew up. His hand then stretched to take a hold of the cup and drank down whatever was in it.

As he emptied the contents of the cup, his face turned red and his aura had increased greatly.

The real Clark was all along watching the actions on the side. He saw and noticed the moment his clone took out the wine cup.

Seeing that his clone drank it without any hesitation, he couldn't help but shudder.

It was the 'Forbidden Fire Blood' that he had secretly refined. Although it could enhance one's power in a short time, it would have a negative influence on one's soul. And now, he actually saw his clone drink it down without even hesitating.

They were after all just clones. They cared about nothing and used different methods to enhance their strength at the woman's order.

Meanwhile, the alliance of powerful clans also heard the woman's order and went all out. They gave their best in their strikes but not to cross a line. They surely wouldn't enhance their strength by the way of harming their bodies.

"The second round of attack!"

All sorts of skills were exerted to attack the surface of the blue light ball.


A violent explosion resounded through the air.


mperature had reached its limit. The cold energy also reached the limit of low temperature.

Despite the pressure, everyone was ready to make a move!

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, the blue and white cold energy began to intersect with the red flame. And they neutralized!


A sharp sound was heard when the two forces converged.

Soon, the fusion of cold energy and the flame appeared to get smaller in size.

Two delicate figures floated quietly in the air. They were two identical girls.

They looked exactly the same from their appearances, but their auras differed greatly. The girl on the left blinked her eyes and looked around with a joyful smile on her face.

The girl on the right had a big pair of eyes, but there was no emotion in her blue eyes. If anyone met her eyes, it was as if they were looking at two lifeless cold pools. It would certainly make people feel chill in their spines.

After the two streams of deadly energy disappeared, there was silence again in the void.

The silence was soon disturbed as the girl on the left giggled. She looked at the crowd and asked, "Who are you?"

Hardly had her voice faded away, the woman had already rushed forward!


Nicholas sneered and followed her in a flash.


They were soon followed by Clark and Murphy.

Samuel looked tempted. The ability of the True Demon Body was so powerful that it was beyond imagination. For this opportunity, he naturally wouldn't let it go.

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