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   Chapter 2804 Cooperation

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Clark's face immediately darkened upon hearing the woman's words. He turned his head and glared fiercely at her.

She was telling the truth.

The world of ice and snow was created by the True Demon Body. Clark might not be the strongest among the Holy Beings, but no one could parallel him in terms of controlling flames.

Before she came to the ice palace, she had gathered the extra Faith Energy of all the fierce beasts in the Abyss Demon Region. The Faith Energy was then used to forge the clones. If she used it to kill Clark, it would be enough to kill him more than ten times.

Meanwhile, Clark flew upwards several dozens of feet from the ground. With a light pat, flames of three colors were seen spreading over his head.


The tri-colored flames instantly turned into a huge tri-colored fire cloud.


A breath of air escaped Clark's mouth

The tri-colored fire cloud spiraled at a very high speed and rushed towards the blue light ball.

Just like the woman had said, the faster the energy flowed, the more powerful it would be. He was actually applying the same theory.

His tri-colored fire cloud sped swiftly and clashed against the blue light ball. As soon as his attack touched its edge, the flame within the red light ball began to roll, while the tri-colored fire cloud quickly froze and vanished.

He had already gone all out with his attack. However, the result was just like that. He rolled his eyes and then came down from the sky.

"This ice ball is not afraid of fire at all. It's useless!" Clark honestly stated.

With a faint smile, the woman remarked, "Judging from the reaction of the red light ball, we can learn that the energy it has just obtained is much more than the energy it has got from the strike of Zeke. Thus, it is useful."

The woman's statement made him breathe a sigh of relief. At least, he did better than Zeke.

"Now do you know why I gathered so many Holy Beings? If no one else wants to have a try, we can work together to break the light ball," the woman continued.

There were still over ten clones of Holy Beings that remained on her side. Added together with the real Holy Beings, the number of the combined group was all in a

ed crazily.

Zen and Sword Chen were also prepared to release their own power.

"Go ahead!"

As the woman gave the order, her slender fingers flicked lightly.


The thousand-foot long spear she had suddenly flew towards the blue light ball.


The long spear stabbed into the blue light ball as it made the surface of the light ball surge rapidly, and the flames in the red light ball on the other side spiraled crazily. There was a faint sign showing that it had expanded and swelled.

"Emotion Closing Godly Way..."

Zen's eyes showed no emotion. The Shadow Bearing Sword in his hand brandished a crescent shaped sword radiance.

"Swish, swish..."

The sword radiance stirred and whooshed away.

At the same time, Sword Chen followed with a move as he struck out streams of brown sword light.

They both had cultivated the Emotion Closing Godly Way. Sword Chen had relied on the force of primitive fear while Zen had relied on Ways-blending Energy.


The others also gathered their momentum and aimed their power at the blue light ball.

Palm strikes, sword radiance, blade light, long arrows...

All sorts of colors and attacks in various forms rushed to the blue light ball.

The only important factor they had to pay attention to was to cut off their connection with the energy after releasing it.

Otherwise, the blue light ball's cold energy would be delivered back to them and worse would freeze their bodies!

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