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   Chapter 2798 The Bottom

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When the cold air gently swept past his back, Clark felt like his back had lost all feeling.

But since he was a Holy Being who cultivated the Elementary Fire Godly Way, the cold air didn't actually manage to hurt him.

He had barely had to think about it before the internal momentum in his body had begun circulating madly, expelling all the chillness inside his body.

But while this stream of cold air didn't hit Clark, the one behind him wasn't so lucky.

That was Abelard, a Holy Being from the Qin Clan.

Before Abelard could react, a stream of cold air hit him squarely in the chest.

Even though he was one of the top Holy Beings, he didn't even have time to say anything; there was merely a stunned expression that froze on his face.

Whoosh, whoosh...

Abelard turned into an ice sculpture and plunged into the darkness like a stone.

The Holy Beings near him might have been able to stop him from falling, but they were all wary of this strange cold air. It was more like a cold poison without an antidote!

Nobody came to his rescue, and he soon disappeared in front of everyone's eyes.

They all held their breath as another two streams of cold air swept past them. Luckily, these streams passed without hitting or killing anyone.

Nevertheless, everyone in the alliance of the powerful clans on the Floating Islands began to panic over Abelard's sudden death.

After all, the Holy Being of the Qin Clan had been on par with Murphy, Jeremiah, and Clark, but he had died just like that in the blink of an eye. It was unbelievable!

No one dared to make a move in this situation.

However, the intervals between the eruptions of the ice volcano were very short.

Whooshing sounds began coming from below, meaning that the cold air at the bottom was about to erupt again. Whatever it was, they had to make a decision right now.

Most of them gritted their teeth and entered the next groove. At this point, it seemed like they would die either way, but they had a better chance of surviving if they stuck with Nicholas, who might be able to solve the threat in the grooves.

But a small group of people began to hesitate...

After all, the safer option of returning to the previous groove was too tempting.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...


hirds of the journey was far smoother.

There were only a few Cold Fiends and Explosive Crystals scattered in the grooves created by Sword Chen's clones.

All the Explosive Crystals had already exploded. And for the Cold Fiends, they weren't much of a threat as long as the members of the alliance were cautious and prepared. Every time, Nicholas was able to shatter the Cold Fiends the moment he found them.

Two hours later, the alliance of powerful clans on the Floating Islands finally reached the last groove at the bottom of the ice volcano.

"Look! It looks like a huge hive!"

"There are so many Cold Fiends... I never imagined that the cold air was being spewed out of their mouths!"

"The sight of them packed together so densely is disgusting!"

The consummate True Gods stretched their necks to take a look at the scene below.

Perhaps it was because they had been so frustrated and frightened all the way that they felt a little excited after getting through the tough journey and finally reaching their destination.

There was a small mountain at the bottom of the ice volcano, and the surface of this mountain was covered with hexagonal grids. They wondered whether these grids were naturally formed or man-made.

Each hexagon was inlaid with a translucent Cold Fiend.

These Cold Fiends looked up at the sky and, with their mouths wide open, they unceasingly spat out cold air. As millions of Cold Fiends spat out cold air at the same time, they created the wondrous eruption of the ice volcano.

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