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   Chapter 2793 Ice Volcano

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"Mountain? There are even mountains in this world?" Zen asked, staring in the southwest direction.

"Of course there are," the woman replied lightly. "Actually, we are standing at the edge of this world."

From this spot, they couldn't see the whole world because they had turned into little figures and there were strong winds and heavy snow blocking their vision.

But this woman had come to this world numerous times, so she was more familiar with it than anyone else.

She did not hide anything from Zen, and instead treated him as if he was a close friend. She continued, "Although it has not been verified, it is close to the fact. In fact, we are right in the coffin containing the True Demon Body."

"We are in the coffin?" Zen was surprised and he exchanged a silent glance with Sword Chen.

Even the clones of the Holy Beings had puzzled looks on their faces.

These clones were as smart as the real Holy Beings and had their own thoughts. However, they would never take the initiative to ask questions no matter how confused they were, as they had absolutely submitted themselves to the woman.

"Well, do you remember seeing anything in the four corners of the coffin?" the woman asked in reply.

Sword Chen thought for a while and shook his head.

His attention had been completely focused on the girl in the coffin, so he had not noticed anything in the corners.

Zen, however, raised his eyebrows slightly and said, "I remember seeing the runes... Or perhaps they're more like special divine textures, but these divine textures seem to form the shape of a giant..." When he spoke of this, his eyes flashed with understanding. "Did those runes create the thing that chased Nicholas and his group?"

The woman smiled at Zen. "Well, it seems that you can guess everything."

Anyone who entered the coffin would randomly appear at one of the corners.

If they didn't comfort the little girl's body before they entered, the runes at the edges of the coffin would be activated and a huge Demon Ice Sculpture would be formed and sent to chase them.

"But how could a statue be able to hunt down so m

d, it would take Zen and the others only about three minutes to climb to the peak.

The moment Zen and the others set foot on the mountainside, the snow mountain shook again.


Due to the violent vibration, snow collapsed from the top of the mountain.

The woman thought for a little while, and then directed one of the Holy Beings' clones to step out. The clone slashed down with his sword.


The collapsing snow split into two with a huge gap in the middle through which Zen and the others rushed up.

About three minutes later, Zen finally reached the top of the mountain.

He took a closer look and realized that there was a huge mouth in the center of the snow mountain's peak.

The snow mountain was actually like a huge volcano!

However, what erupted from the mouth of the snow mountain was not lava, but freezing air and massive chunks of ice. It was an ice volcano!

"Those people are in danger!"

As soon as Zen reached the top of the mountain, he saw about five Demi-holy Beings and more than ten consummate True Gods flying above the huge mouth.

When cold air shot out of the ice volcano, the Demi-holy Beings and the consummate True Gods didn't have any time to dodge. By the time the air around the mouth of the ice volcano cleared, they had completely disappeared from sight.

Completely frozen to ice by the cold air, they had fallen into the deep volcano.

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