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   Chapter 2790 The Frozen Power

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Zen stared at the girl in the coffin. Coldness drifted out of the ice coffin, his eyes constantly flashing.

"Is this the True Demon Body you talked about?" Zen asked.

The woman nodded and looked at the body in the coffin with expectation.

She had come this far. No one knew how she had tried every means and multiple times in order to get the body.

And now, this day had finally come. She paved countless ways and troubles just to get to this point.

She then slowly took a step as she approached the ice coffin. She stretched out her arm and reached out to explore what was inside.

But all of a sudden, her action was brought to a stop.

A blast of cold air instantly rose from the bottom of the ice coffin.

The girl inside had suddenly opened her eyes. Her face showed a trace of anger.

A black energy flashed from the woman's arm and dripped onto the top of the ice coffin. It was the force of primitive fear.

Other things could pierce the ice coffin, but pure energy was actually absorbed by it!

After the ice coffin absorbed the force of primitive fear, the anger on the girl's face gradually subsided, and was replaced by a serene expression.

"She can absorb the force of primitive fear?" Sword Chen asked in surprise as he stared at the ice coffin.

The woman smiled faintly and responded, "She can absorb all kinds of forces. It's just a gesture of affection for her."

Due to her experience and continuous great efforts, she had gotten a clear understanding of the characteristics of the True Demon Body.

She once had successfully entered the world of the ice coffin. At first being inexperienced in dealing with such situation, just like Nicholas, she was met with the fury of the True Demon Body.

It took her a long time to figure out the secret.

After stabilizing the girl's emotion, she threw a glance at the replicas of the Holy Beings. A thought occurred to her, and then the Holy Beings rushed towards the ice coffin and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

More than ten of the replicas had already entered the ice coffin. The woman made a satisfied expression as she grabbed Zen's arm and said, "It's our turn to go in now."

She wouldn't expect Zen and Sword Chen to help her get the True Demon Body, but she couldn't let Zen run away either. After all, she still wanted to use his most precious bloodline.

Naturally, Zen and Sword Chen did not resist.

They were well aware that this woman was not

she could not clone.

"Let's hope so," replied Sword Chen.

The current situation was too complicated.

They knew that they could defeat neither Nicholas nor the woman. They could only hope that both Nicholas and the woman would suffer a loss!

They continued descending all the way from the sky, but the storm did not seem to stop.

Countless snowflakes constantly hit the Sacred Twilight Shield. And in turn, they broke every time and turned to wisps of mist. They became ice crystals at a very low temperature and drifted away with the wind.

It was five minutes later that they finally landed on a snow plain.

As soon as they landed, a violent roar came from the depths of the snow plain. A visible shock wave spread out right after.

The shock wave quickly spread over the snow land, like an invisible plow that plowed the snow on the ground. The whole area was slowly engulfed by a freezing coldness. The Sacred Twilight Shield protecting the group had even darkened instantly. The duplicated Clark turned pale at the sight.

'What a powerful chilly energy!'

Zen was also shocked. Even with the protection they had, it still penetrated through. As the cold air passed over his body, his blood seemed to freeze.

What made him more confused was that the chilly energy was not produced by the internal momentum of the Mysterious Ice Godly Way, but an indescribable power. He had never seen it before.

The woman looked into the depths of the snow plain and said lightly, "It seems like the True Demon Body is quite angry. To subside this anger, three or more Holy Beings will have to die. Huh, such bad luck for them..."

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