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   Chapter 2783 The Black Mist

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Was this woman mad?

Zen stood still on the spot hearing her words which made him flabbergasted. "Cleanse the entire divine land? What do you want to get rid of?"

"All arrogant humans," the woman answered seriously.

"You mean you want to kill everyone?" Zen asked as he couldn't comprehend why was the woman thinking about such a plan.

The woman raised her head and stared at Zen's eyes. Her eyes flashed with a gleam as she said earnestly, "That's for sure! What do you think?"

Confirming that the woman was indeed serious, he tried his best to calm down.

He collected his thoughts about what the woman had said. She just mentioned that she wanted to find a way to own a real body, which meant that she herself had been relying on the Faith Energy. It also signified that she was a monster born in the Abyss Demon Region.

From what he had experienced in the Sea of Meditation, Zen believed that it was very likely that this woman was born in the Sea of Meditation. Was it possible that she was also an unknown fearful thing?

"Why do you want to kill all the humans?" he asked again.

The expression on the woman's face changed as a vicious light flashed once more. "Because the divine land belongs to our Nine Li race! How could we let these insects without our race's blood control the divine land? Our Nine Li race should have been the real Holy Beings in the divine land! But such positions have been occupied by those humble nobodies. They all should die!"

"But you are not a person of the Nine Li race, either. You also don't have Chiyou's blood," stated Zen.

It was only him and Lorena who really had the Nine Li race's blood in the divine land.

The woman in front of him wasn't even a real living creature, so naturally she was not considered as someone with the Nine Li race's blood.

The woman was unaffected by Zen's rebuttal and just smiled faintly. Her gaze continued to linger at Zen revealing a hint of passion, as if she was looking at her true love. "So it's really lucky for me to find you in the Sea of Meditation. Having you, I can own the Nine Li race's blood."

Zen sensed that the woman did not show any enmity towards him, but her gaze still made him feel creepy. Why would such a strange woman be born in the Sea of Meditation?

Just then, Zen suddenly felt a tremor under his feet.


An explosive sound came fr


He felt a bit relieved confirming Zen's presence. As long as he held the sword, he could always sense his location.

However, before he could go down two or three layers, a thick black mist had suddenly surged in from outside of the ice palace!

The black mist not only spread in the space of the palace, but also in the ice blocks. The crystal clear building suddenly corrupted and changed to black as charcoal.

"What kind of mist is this?"

Sword Chen was soon lost in the black mist.

As he sank into the black mist, a strong sense of fear rose from the bottom of his heart!

"The force of primitive fear?"

He halted going down as the surrounding area was gradually enveloped by darkness. The situation made him confused and alert at the same time. All of a sudden, he felt a gust of cold wind blowing from behind, as if a ghost was blowing on his back.

Without any second thought, he flew forward and at once, a small gold piece was taken out of his space ring.

The small gold piece was the 'Scorching Gold' that was used in the dark water.

The Scorching Gold released a ray of dazzling golden light. It eventually helped him scare the unknown things hiding in the darkness away.

Sword Chen breathed a sigh of relief as his sense of fear disappeared at that moment.

It seemed that after the dark water had been sucked into the sky, it had now spread down. This meant that the ice palace had also turned into another dark water area. It was fortunate that he had quite a few pieces of Scorching Gold on his hands. Otherwise, it would be troublesome.

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