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   Chapter 2780 The Deadly Light Column

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The seventh stage of the Abyss Demon Region was the lair of the fiends.

Originally, this had been the entire Abyss Demon Region, but as the years went on, the region had expanded all around this area.

When the white column of light fell down from the sky, the temperature of the fiends' lair suddenly decreased.

"Why is the temperature so low?"

"What happened?"

"What is that white light?"

Apart from the several big fiends, the rest of the fiends, including the fiend commanders, didn't know what had happened.

They were at a loss on seeing this abnormal phenomenon.

Crack, crack!

A huge crack suddenly appeared on the surface of the Fiend Hall which was ten thousand feet high.

Crack, crack...

It was as if a giant invisible hand was tearing apart the Fiend Hall.

The Fiend Hall was slashed into two in the blink of an eye!

Seeing this bizarre scene made the ferocious Ghost Dogs feel an inexplicable fear, so they began roaring and howling loudly in their cages, wanting to escape.


Some of the human women who had been imprisoned in the Fiend Hall were free now. However, they had been here for so long that they had forgotten how to escape; instead, they hid in the corners, shrieking in fear.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom...

In front of the Fiend Hall, a thin and transparent tip popped out of the flat square.

As the square continued to crack, a transparent crystal palace rose out of the ground.

However, this crystal palace was like the tip of the iceberg. It was only the entrance of the underground palace.


As the palace rose from underground, cold air enveloped the surface of the fiends' lair, forming a thin layer of ice.


A beautiful human woman walked out of the collapsed door of the Fiend Hall.

She set her feet on the thin layer of ice and glided to the front door of the palace.

A stream of milky-white cold air followed her as she moved. In the meantime, a crystal throne appeared. She gently sat down on the throne and looked into the distance.

When Nicholas rushed over from the gap and saw the dilapidated Fiend Hall,

e Zeke and Murphy had fear on their faces when they saw the tricolor Sacred Twilight Flame.

They had never expected Clark to secretly hide such a great theurgy.

Clark might be more proficient in the Elementary Fire Godly Way than anyone else.

When the Sacred Twilight Flame condensed, it spiraled into a vertical column of flame and shot straight into the falling column of light straightly.

However, just at that moment, Nicholas reached out to grab Clark!

When he reached out his hand to touch Clark, the Sacred Twilight Flame on Clark's chest was pushed away by a strange force. Then, Nicholas grasped Clark's clothes without any hindrance and pulled him abruptly to the side.


The falling column of light had completely eaten up the tricolor Sacred Twilight Flame without so much as slowing down.

Although Nicholas had pulled Clark away, it was too late; the light column grazed Clark's shoulder before hitting the ground.

With a gentle stroke of the light column, Clark's right arm disappeared.

The light column had quietly devoured both Clark's flame and his right arm.

They never expected such an inconspicuous attack was fatal.

As the woman observed this whole scene, her eyes were filled with ridicule, but she was still a little surprised. "Not bad. You are worthy of being the leader of these people after all. But do you know what's going to happen in a few seconds?"

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