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   Chapter 2779 No Way Back

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The self-destruction of the three big fiends blew open a huge hole.

The air from the bottom surged upwards and swirled with the hot air above the magma, creating whistling air currents.

"The three big fiends have blown themselves up."

"I can't believe it."

"I don't think any of the beasts remaining can fight against us, not for any reason they might have!"

The consummate True Gods and the Demi-holy Beings discussed the situation among themselves.

Rocher had also been dumbfounded as the scene unfolded in front of his eyes. An inkling of doubt made its way into his heart.

During their confrontation on the Desperation Plain earlier, the big fiend called Gallio had exploded into pieces, and they had been totally confused.

This was the fiends' home territory. Gallio could have escaped or even asked other fiends for help even though he couldn't defeat Nicholas.

If the four big fiends had joined forces and fought together, Nicholas and his companions wouldn't have had a chance to win against them.

The current situation had gotten unbelievably out of hand. The three big fiends that had just arrived had chosen to self-destruct.

'They... They must have been forced!'

The idea had come so suddenly into Rocher's mind.

But who had the power to force them to commit suicide? What had been the motive behind it?

If such a being, or even a certain force, had existed that had the power to command them to sacrifice themselves, it must have been extremely powerful.

"They were forced to explode,"

Nicholas confirmed when Rocher had come to this conclusion in his mind.

"Right." Murphy nodded slightly in agreement. "It was obvious that it was not their own will."

Nicholas narrowed his eyes and looked forward. "The bottom of the Abyss Demon Region is a huge trap. Something is definitely luring us into this trap, but its intention evades me."

The faces of Zeke, Clark, and the other Holy Beings darkened in foreboding.

All of them agreed with Nicholas.

They needed to be in control of the Abyss Demon Region during this trip. They had to push through this path even though they already knew that there was a trap set for them.

The only other choice that they had was to retreat and leave the Abyss Demon Region immediately. There were several of them that had thought about leaving, but they were afraid to voice it out directly.

After he took a dee

er had been as smooth as a mirror. The strength of the force did not matter; it would have just disappeared into the black water without any trace.

But at that moment, unseen tornadoes had forced the black water into the air and formed an amazing spectacle of a dragon siphoning water.

The black water had touched the gray fog, and similar to a drop of ink that dripped into rice paper, it had made a large area of the fog black. The sky of the Abyss Demon Region had considerably darkened a bit more.


A dazzling beam of light suddenly shot out from the fog and landed in an area not far from where everyone had stood.

After the three fiends had self-destructed, a large opening had been opened on the road in front of them. That opening was the entrance to the seventh stage of the Abyss Demon Region.

When the white column had struck down, the cold air rushed in. It had cut the space behind the group and blocked their way completely.

"Hmm. It seems that you are determined to win." Murphy had looked at the entrance to the seventh stage of the Abyss Demon Region as he spoke, a cold smile upon his lips.

It had been an undoubtedly arrogant challenge to them to have their route of retreat cut off in such a grand gesture!

"We will see who will laugh in the end," Nicholas said coldly.

He had immediately transformed into a streak of light, his hands behind his back, and shot forward.

The other members of the group had been really hesitant to go forward in this trip. But since their retreat had been cut off, they were left with no other choice but to follow Nicholas.

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